Telephone Handling Skills

Telephone Handling Skills

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Telephone Handling Skills

This superb online training course on telephone handling is ideal for anyone that works in a service environment wishing to improve their telephone skills or planning to start a career in the hospitality industry.

The course is tailored to teach telephone handling skills to ensure the students deal with all calls in a professional manner, based on standards set by five star Hotels.

This online course enables you to navigate through previous slides in order to listen to conversations and instructions as many times as you find necessary. The online course also allows you to print material directly from the learning system. Featuring professional audio voiceovers the user can listen to a native English speaker, further improving their English language skills when communicating.

All our courses are designed and created by professionals bearing in mind that learning should be interesting, fun and beneficial to the user.

All online courses are available instantly once purchased.

Topics covered:

✅ How to professionally answer the phone

✅ What brand standards to follow when answering the phone

✅ Placing guests on hold

✅ Transferring phone calls; Introducing a transferred call, blind transfer calls

✅ How to find a resolution for difficult calls

✅ How to end a conversation politely

Optimum Computer Specifications:

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  • Chrome
  • Firefox / Firefox Quantum

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Recommended PC Specifications:

  • Intel core i3 dual core or above
  • Windows 7 or above
  • 4GB ram or more
  • Stable internet connection averaging 20Mb/s (2.5MB/s) or more.
  • Hard drive with 1GB free for course cache when viewing. -
  • Ideally 10Gb + free for optimum system performance when viewing online content.

When viewing a course which may be displaying incorrectly, clearing browser cache and reloading the course can solve this as the browser saves previous versions of a course if they shared the same name.

The cost of this course:

  • Only £19.95

*Please note online Courses are available for 30 days from the time of payment. During these 30 days you may repeat the course and view the slides as many times as you like, however the quiz can be completed only once. There is enough time for you to work through the course materials thoroughly, so please do so before choosing to complete the final quiz. Upon successful completion please email in order to receive a copy of your certificate (if applicable).

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  • Although the course is primarily for hotel receptionists, the course has a lot of useful information that can be used in most receptionist roles - not only hotels.

    The course has a lot of useful information Written 28th Apr 2014
  • Aziz El Aazouzi

    Hi my name is Aziz, I would like to share my experience while taking the course "online telephone skills." Training was useful I understood everything and passed my test with 100% and I got my certificate today and I am looking forward to taking more courses in the future, thanks reception academy.

    Mr Aziz

    I passed my test with 100% Written 18th Dec 2013