Listen & Learn Exercise Professional Hospitality Communication

Listen & Learn Exercise Professional Hospitality Communication

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Professional Hospitality Communication

This exciting “Listen and learn” course is ideal for those who are looking to improve their English Language Skills for the Hospitality Industry. Through listening and comprehension exercises you can continue your professional development and career progression from the comfort of your own home.

This course is also suitable for those hospitality professionals working in the industry and are seeking inspiration on how to say things in a more professional or uplifting manner. Use certain lines and words sensibly and create a tone of voice that is unmistakably in line with 5 star standards.

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*Please note we do not provide any certificate for this course.

Topics covered:

✅ Dealing with internal enquiries

✅ Taking Bookings via telephone

✅ Taking messages

✅ Check in scenarios

✅ Explaining the bill at checkout experience

You will be able to listen to ten (10) different conversations or voicemail messages involving guests (with various accents) and hotel staff. Ranging from a simple conversation to more complex scenarios, you will listen to the recording then be asked to complete the gaps in a script of the conversation. These listening, reading and comprehension exercises assist you to not only improve your English Language skills but also introduces you to various British accents.

All conversations are taken from real life hotels and are professionally voiced over to ensure you get the most out of each course.

Listen to these recordings over and over until you feel comfortable in completing the question sheet correctly, you can also download the answers at the end of the course and check your answers to ensure they are all correct.

Dealing with internal enquiries

✅ Taking Bookings via telephone

✅ Taking messages

✅ Check in scenarios

✅ Explaining the bill at checkout

The course provides the following downloads (available under resources section of the course):

✅ Exercise sheet

✅ Answer sheet

Optimum Computer Specifications:

For the best compatibility and quality use:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox / Firefox Quantum

Avoid using Internet explorer, Microsoft edge (known to cause loading/display issues) or any browser that does not support HTML5, this will cause the course to revert to legacy flash and could display content out of alignment or incorrectly.

Recommended PC Specifications:

  • Intel core i3 dual core or above
  • Windows 7 or above
  • 4GB ram or more
  • Stable internet connection averaging 20Mb/s (2.5MB/s) or more.
  • Hard drive with 1GB free for course cache when viewing. -
  • Ideally 10Gb + free for optimum system performance when viewing online content.

When viewing a course which may be displaying incorrectly, clearing browser cache and reloading the course can solve this as the browser saves previous versions of a course if they shared the same name.

The cost of this course:

  • £24.95

*Please note we do not provide any certificate for this course and online Courses are available for 30 days from the time of payment. During these 30 days you may repeat the course and view the slides as many times as you like, however the quiz can be completed only once. There is enough time for you to work through the course materials thoroughly, so please do so before choosing to complete the final quiz.

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