Interactive Opera PMS Online Course Create A Reservation, Check In, Check Out

Interactive Opera PMS Online Course Create A Reservation, Check In, Check Out

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This interactive online course is an introduction to Opera PMS on how to create a basic reservation, how to complete a simple check in and a check out.

To fully understand the system and to gain adequate practical knowledge, we recommend one of our classroom courses covering Opera PMS, where you can use the system hands on with the support of hospitality professional amongst other valuable skills.

This fully-interactive online Opera PMS Hotel Software course will allow students to really learn and get to know the basics of Opera PMS system by using it hands-on. Get a better idea of how our online Opera PMS course works and differs from other providers. To see a short video introduction to this course please click here.

This Opera PMS Hotel Software course Modules consist of three interactive elements.

Show Me: In this section, our friendly and interactive trainer will talk you through the process of making a booking in Opera PMS whilst you follow her step by step and insert relevant information into the Opera PMS system yourself.

Try Me: In this section, you will be given booking details for a new booking or similar scenario for check in and check out. There will be less guidance as you are meant to put into practice what you have learned in the previous session.

Test Me: In this final session, you will be given again booking details which you need to insert into the Opera PMS system to further practice the use of this fantastic hotel software.

We do not use videos. This course is interactive and the system will stop you when you make a mistake and tell you where you are going wrong. You get a certificate of completion once you completed all three modules and passed the quiz.

Topics covered:

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  • How to create a simple reservation
  • How to check in a guest
  • How to check out a guest

Optimum Computer Specifications:

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For the best compatibility and quality use:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox / Firefox Quantum

Avoid using Internet explorer, Microsoft edge (known to cause loading/display issues) or any browser that does not support HTML5, this will cause the course to revert to legacy flash and could display content out of alignment or incorrectly.

Recommended PC Specifications:

  • Intel Core i3 dual-core or above
  • Windows 7 or above
  • 4GB ram or more
  • Stable internet connection averaging 20Mb/s (2.5MB/s) or more
  • Hard drive with 1GB free for course cache when viewing
  • Ideally, 10Gb + free for optimum system performance when viewing online content

When viewing a course which may be displaying incorrectly, clearing browser cache and reloading the course can solve this as the browser saves previous versions of a course if they shared the same name.

The cost of this course:

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  • £49.95

Please note that the Interactive Opera PMS Online Course is available for 30 days from the time of payment. During these 30 days, you may access the course at any time, however, the course, as well as the quiz, can be completed ONLY ONCE. There is enough time for you to work through the course materials thoroughly which you can download and review from the "Resources" section of the online course, so please do so before choosing to complete the final quiz. You must reach at least 70% to pass. Upon successful completion please email in order to receive a copy of your certificate (if applicable).


No testimonials have been written about this course yet.

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