Hotel Receptionist & Opera PMS Hotel Software Online Course

Hotel Receptionist & Opera PMS Hotel Software Online Course

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You will be given a certificate on successful completion of the course. Please choose how you would like to receive your certificate:

Free Certificate Example Premium Certificate Example

The free certificate is a standard certificate that can be printed by yourself on completion of the course. It is provided free of charge.

The premium certificate is an official Reception Academy Certificate with hologram printed on certificate paper. There is an extra charge of £5 for processing and posting this certificate.

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Start your new Hotel Receptionist Career from the comfort of your home with this virtual online classroom course.

This popular virtual classroom course, unlike other online courses, has been designed for individuals looking to begin a career in the Hospitality industry. Our training ensures you have all the essential skills needed to be an exceptional Hotel Receptionist, ultimately leading to employment.

This course is a virtual classroom course and consists partly of self study elements, online modules, video tutorials and face to face interaction with a qualified trainer. The full, practical, hands-on use of the Hotel Software Opera PMS is included in this course.

What is a virtual classroom course?

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Our virtual classroom courses are as good and as comprehensive as our classroom courses. Our virtual classroom courses can be taken from anywhere in the world without you having to physically go to a specific school or location.

Virtual means that you do not have to attend physical classroom lessons and you can fit the training around your needs and when you are free.

The benefit of virtual classroom lessons is that we run them continuously and with no set start dates. That means you can start a course whenever you like. We also offer pre-recorded video lessons which you can access anytime.

So our virtual classroom courses combine the best of two worlds - first class, caring and hands-on training from the comfort of your home at a time when it suits you.

Professional recognition

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This Hotel Receptionist & Opera PMS Hotel Software course is endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality (IOH) for its quality, innovation and industry specific modules tailored to the needs of leading hotels around the world. Learners who successfully complete this course, will receive 13 CPD points.

Short course overview

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Our Hotel Receptionist course covers standard Hotel procedures, extensive use of Opera PMS Hotel Software, Brand-standards of 5* Hotels and is followed by hands-on practical software sessions where newly learnt skills are put into practice. All virtual classroom sessions are taught and observed by experienced and caring hospitality trainers and include full access to the hotel software Opera PMS.

At Reception Academy it is our goal to ensure you acquire the essential skills under our guidance and set you on the right path for your future career. This Hotel Receptionist and Opera PMS Hotel Software course is tailored to meet the requirements of individuals with no previous Hotel Receptionist experience. Consequently, anyone from any background, nationality or age is welcome to join this virtual classroom course and start a new career in this wonderful and rewarding industry.

Upon completion of the course a profile is created on our website for each graduate consisting of their CV, a photograph, contact details and their preferences for employment. Our partner hotels are granted exclusive access to these profiles in order to find suitable applicants for their vacancies.

As a result of our extensive hotel connections, hospitality network and close collaboration with our partner hotels most of our students are able to secure employment within a very short period of time upon course completion.

Course duration

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This unique and interactive Hotel Reception & Opera PMS Hotel Software course is self-paced and most students complete the course within 3 months.

You will have access to the software Opera PMS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for as long as you are undertaking the completion of the course.

Your access to Opera PMS will automatically deactivate once you have either taken the exam or completed the 90 days of Opera PMS usage, whichever comes first. 

When can I start the course?

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You can start the course from the moment Opera PMS has been installed on your PC. This can be usually done on the same day of purchase or at a time convenient to you. Our online learning portal and access to the Opera PMS software is available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Course Modules

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This course is broken down into the following 25 modules.

  • Module 1
    • Course Induction
    • CV Writing
    • Grooming Standards
    • Profile Picture Standards
  • Module 2 - The Receptionist Role
  • Module 3 - Departmental and Organisational Structure
  • Module 4 - Telephone & Message Handling, Welcoming Guests
  • Module 5 - Reservation 1:
    • Opera Introduction
    • Terminology and Shortcuts
    • Creating a Basic Booking
    • Turnaway
    • How To Retrieve A Hidden Window
  • Module 6 - Reservation 2:
    • Rate Grid
    • Rate Structure (Demand Based Pricing)
    • Selling a Room,
    • Listen to booking being taken by phone
  • Module 7 - Reservation 3:
    • Creating Advanced Bookings
    • Item Inventory
    • Room Features
    • Special Requests
    • Updating Preferences
    • Updating Reservation Colour
    • Arrival and Departure Time
  • Module 8 - Reservation 4:
    • Booking with an Existing Profile
    • Updating a Guest Profile
    • Profile Options
    • Brand Standards for Taking a Booking
  • Module 9 - Reservation 5:
    • Overbooking
    • No Shows
  • Module 10 - Options 1:
    • Accompanying
    • Add On
    • (Travel) Agent / Company Profiles
    • Alerts
  • Module 11 - Options 2:
    • Cancellations
    • Changes
    • Confirmations
    • Credit Cards
    • Delete Option
    • Deposits and Cancellation Charges
    • Fixed Charges
  • Module 12 - Options 3:
    • History
    • Housekeeping
    • Locator
    • Messages
    • Package Options
    • Privileges
    • Register Card
    • Traces
    • Opera PMS Exercises
  • Module 13 - Check In 1:
    • Finding a Reservation
    • Room Allocation
    • Printing a Registration Card
    • Check-In
  • Module 14 - Check In 2:
    • Credit Card Authorisations
    • No Post
    • Credit Card Declined
    • Brand Standards for Check-In
  • Module 15 - Check In 3:
    • Queue Rooms
    • Do Not Move (DNM)
    • Room Move
    • Upgrade and Downgrade
    • Opera PMS Exercises
  • Module 16 - Check Out 1:
    • Billing Window Overview
    • Posting Items
    • Moving Items
    • Rebate / Adjustment / Allowance
  • Module 17 - Check Out 2:
    • Splitting of Items
    • Transferring Charges to another room
    • Payment / Settlement (Interim Bill, Early Departure, Advance Bill)
    • Simple Payment
  • Module 18 - Check Out 3:
    • Settle the Bill with multiple Payments
    • Brand Standards for Check Out
    • Check-Out
    • How to find a Checked Out Booking
    • How to Reinstate a Checked Out Booking
  • Module 19 - Reservation 6:
    • Pre-Registrations
    • Day Use
    • Multiple Bookings, Split & Rename a Reservation
  • Module 20 - Complaint Handling
  • Module 21 - Routing:
    • Creating of a Company Profile
    • How to rename a Billing Window
    • Backup
    • How to interpret a Routing
    • Opera PMS Exercises
  • Module 22 - Recruitment 2:
    • Recruitment Process
  • Module 23 - Recruitment 3:
    • Interview Process Overview
    • How to prepare for an Interview
    • How to demonstrate Confidence in an Interview
  • Module 24 - Recruitment 4:
    • Interview Questions
  • Module 25 - Final Exam


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Exams are taken online from the comfort of your home.

Every module has a short exam at the end. The average score of all your individual module quizzes is going to be your Theoretical Exam Score.

Module 26 is your practical exam. This is when your trainer connects to you remotely via PC. He will give you exercises to complete in Opera PMS. These exercises are all based on what you have learned and practised during the course. The result in this practical exam will be your Practical Exam Score.

The average of the Theoretical and Practical Exam Score is going to be your Final Course Score.

You can schedule the exam on a day that works best for you.

Is there a Pass Mark?

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Yes, there is a pass mark of 65% required in order to receive a certificate. The current average exam score for this course is 85%.

Can I retake the exam if I fail?

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Yes, you can. For an admin fee of £40 you get an additional 4 weeks of access to the system and once ready you can retake the exam.

Included in the price:

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The course fee is the complete price and nothing else is added onto.

The fee covers:

  • Student profile and CV accessible to all our partner hotels
  • Active support in finding you employment upon course completion
  • Life-time career support
  • Final Exam
  • Certification

What are the system requirements?

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In order for the software to work effectively on your device we need participants to have:

  • A laptop or desktop. This software does not run on mobile phones, Mac and Chrome Book.
  • You must have access to a standard internet connection
  • The operating system of your device must be Windows 8.1 or 10
  • You must have Internet Explorer on your computer. The internet browser can only be Internet Explorer. The software does not run on Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge or any other browser.

If you are not sure if your device is suitable to run Opera PMS, please do get in touch and a team member can check your system remotely.

How is Opera PMS installed?

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The installation of Opera PMS on your PC is hassle free and easy. One of our IT Team Members will connect to you via secure remote connection. The installation takes between 10 and 15 minutes and you do not need to do anything during this time.

We understand that for some it is worrying to give remote access but rest assured, your PC is safe in our hands. We have operated for over 11 years now and are a trusted name in the training industry.

Why can I not install Opera PMS myself?

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Opera PMS is a complex software and it requires a PC to be prepped in order to run this software properly. The prepping in turn requires the IT Team to use their Opera PMS admin rights which we are unable to share.

If you still have concerns and want to have a chat with one of our Opera Installers, please get in touch via our "Contact Us" page.

More Information

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Why not contact us or arrange a call andspeak to us? We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

Not sure if becoming a Hotel Receptionist is right for you? Read here and find out!


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