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Why Reception Academy?

Course Material and Quality of Training

Our courses are based on the specific requirements of Corporations looking to hire exceptional front line staff.

The training takes place in a simulated work environment using a replica Reception Desk and relevant training props.

Procedures and guest/visitor interactions are practiced to enable you to start work from day one in your new job.

We focus on front line facing roles and aim to make you an exceptional professional in those areas where reception staff is required.

Our trainers have years of industry experience and will share their knowledge and secrets of the trade with you.

Recruitment sessions included in the training provide students with valuable guidance on CV writing, interview skills and how to start their careers.

Employment Opportunities

Our partnered employers frequently access student profiles published to our website to recruit candidates.

We actively promote our graduates to partner companies and assist them with employment.

We maintain a 90 to 95% successful employment rate upon course completion.

Value for money

We continuously aim to keep the cost of our courses low to give passionate individuals the opportunity to make their dreams come true.

Our courses cover all the necessary skills required to lead you to employment in, saving you valuable time and money. Other standard Receptionist courses in London cost up to £400 for a one-day seminar only and do not include Software Training or assistance with employment!

Our comprehensive training is industry recognised, connects students to employers and starts from as little as £41.25 per month.

Convenience and Flexibility

Training sessions generally take place in four-hour daily slots giving students time to continue to earn a living while taking part in the course. Three different time sessions allow students to choose the time best suited to their schedules.

Weekend courses are offered to further assist those in full-time employment to change their careers.

Instalment payment options allow students to spread the cost. Whenever possible we try to assist students by allowing them to move their course start date or times in cases of unforeseeable circumstances. Changes may incur an admin fee.

Who should take a course with Reception Academy?

Anyone from any nationality and age can join the course.

80% of our students are from other parts of the world and speak English as a second language.

75% of our students are recommendations from other students that have taken the course or have been referred by partner employers who value our training.

“We deliver what we promise” don’t take our word for it… read our student reviews:

“My experience at Reception Academy was nothing short of amazing! The course was quite intense but my awesome teacher and super friendly staff made it a breeze. I still can't believe that I got my dream job at Hilton on my graduation day! Can you ask for more?” Angela Discant

This is definitely the best choice I have made! Thank you very much for the exceptional training that the Academy has provided. I would like to thank my trainer in making sure that we get the 5* training that we need in the hospitality industry! Adarsh Shah

“This course really opened up so many doors. The trainers were exceptional and I will highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to start their career in hospitality. Pierre was great in teaching all the ins and outs. Thanks to this course I will be starting my new career in hospitality.” Michael Dobilaitis

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