What we can do for you

"Enthusiasm is a vital element toward the individual success of every man or woman." Conrad Hilton.

Exceptional Hotel staff must have specialist skills, knowledge and passion:

We at Reception Academy share with you our knowledge of the industry we have gained through years of experience.

We offer a number of Hospitality courses catering for every level of skill and experience; from introductory courses covering the basics of Hotel Receptionist work right up to Managerial courses. We provide courses to help you achieve success.

Our classroom courses are specifically designed in conjunction with multinational hotels to ensure our students meet the standards of 5 star hotels:

For example in our market leading four (4) week Hotel Receptionist course;

  • We teach you how to utilise Opera Property Management Software (PMS), which is one of the world's most popular Hotel software systems
  • We provide you with hands-on scenario based training to ensure the theory we teach you is applied in adherence to brand standards of international hotel
  • Guidance provided on creating the correct CV for Hotels
  • Interview techniques; direction as to how to perform well in an interview
  • Provision for career path planning, for a clear understanding of your future in the hospitality industry
  • Our experienced trainers guide you through this experience
  • High success rate of graduates gaining employment in the industry

Our courses are specifically designed for individuals who have a passion for great service and wish to work for recognised Hotel Brands, therefore we provide you with the tools to be successful, so book now!

Feel free to watch our videos on the Reception Academy YouTube channel and Facebook, which includes wonderful testimonials from previous students.

Worried about Brexit?

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