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Success Stories

Success Stories


Agathe Routhieau

My story might not be interesting for some but for me, it's a success. From having no background really in the hospitality industry, I made it to what I am now: Shift leader at the Reception of the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge.

Let's go back in time: After studying tourism for 2 years, I decided to leave my home country as I wanted to travel and experience something different. I have been an Aupair for 6 boys during 6 months near Leeds and then, I had the opportunity to go to Australia for 8 months where I was a French Assistant in a high school. There were amazing experiences and great memories but once back, I had to decide what to do, which career to start... I thought about it but I went back to my first choice (tourism) and the one thing I've always been interested in: hospitality industry... but I had no experience in it.

And that's when I discovered "Reception Academy" and decided then to come to London to participate in the course. That's why I chose London. I was sure that investing time and money into this course could only be positive and beneficial for me... and I was right! It's been a great and very helpful adventure. I learnt all I needed to know to become a great Receptionist and it paid off! I finished second from the top in the group at the exam and after only one week and a half after the interviews I was accepted in one of the biggest hotels in London!

Once in the hotel, I was able to put into practise what I had learnt at the Academy. After a few months as a Receptionist, I was given more responsibilities. I became a coach/trainer for all new starters and after only 1 year and 2 months within the company, I was promoted as shift leader. That's now been my current job for the past 9 months.

I am still learning a lot, especially about managing a team, managing my time, being responsible of others and their needs, to help and support my team whenever they need. In few weeks it's going to be 2 years that I’ve been working in the same place. It's my first job in the hospitality industry and it's such a success and an achievement for me.

Reception academy gave me the knowledge, which is power and this power leads to success... my success!


Alexandru Gavriloaia

I came to London for a new career and a challenge, as in my country there were no jobs.

Before I started the course I was just playing football and had no clue about hotel industry. I was thinking how can I get a job if I don't know how to do anything? Spending hours on the internet trying to find a job or something to study.

Everything was so expensive and for the long term. One day I found Reception Academy on and I said it would be nice to work in a hotel, but the course it is just one month. What can I learn in one month? I been shown round their classrooms and I said "Yes I will do this!" It was very risky because I had to borrow the money for the course and I was not sure if I will get a job after that, plus my English was not the best.

I started the Hotel Receptionist course and the teacher was amazing, I learnt so many things about the hotel industry and one important thing its they help me develop my English and I especially improved my confidence. During the course I met lots of new people and we had so much fun.

After I finished the course we had the graduation in one big hotel, The Guoman Tower, this was our first chance to get a job. On the graduation day all of us had interviews.

The Reception Academy helped us to get jobs as quick as possible. I finished the course at the middle of April and on 16th of May I got a job with Hilton Worldwide. I was never thinking I could get a job in such a prestigious and good company. During this time I was contacted by more companies to come for an interview, but I chose Hilton.

I started as a night receptionist and after 8 month I was promoted to day receptionist. Now, after 1 year and 9 months, I am a Front Desk Supervisor and looking forward to growing in my career.


Sasank Theeda

I came to UK to pursue final year of my BA (Hons) in Hospitality Management at University of West London (previously Thames Valley University) I had 2 jobs before, one was as a Supervisor for Costa coffee and the other as a crew member at McDonalds (I was offered managerial role at McDonalds but I chose not to accept it).

After I graduated I made a lot of effort to try and get a job in a hotel, made hundreds of applications, it was almost next to impossible to secure a job as a Receptionist (to start a career in hotels). I was always confident in myself because whatever employment I was in before I was recognised for my hard work and I secured my rewards and a reputation.

My issue was not my personality nor my communication skills, but my issue with cracking the hotel job was lack of awareness of current trends of the Reception process and working knowledge of opera software. Hence regardless of the number of applications I made I didn't match the key requirements of the Receptionist job even though I had right attitude, behaviour, etiquette, communication and presentation skills a receptionist should possess. This was the time where I was really low as I couldn't get a job in hotels though I had a BA (Hons) in Hospitality 2:2 degree, this was the time Reception Academy came as a saviour for my career, which helped me tick the boxes that were left unticked in my professional profile and got me into the stream where I belonged to.

I am so grateful and words can't express my gratitude towards Reception Academy for helping me getting through the quantum leap.

I got work after 4 weeks I graduated. I should have secured one quicker than that, as the negotiations with Hilton was a see-saw ride as they were making me roam hotels for interviews, in fact particularly I have to thank Jade for putting in a good word for me with then Front of House Manager (Mr Andrew Perera) of Guoman Tower which helped me to secure an interview and eventually secure a job. This is a key milestone of my career after tasting so many bitter experiences, as I was failing before in so many innovative ways.

Very surprisingly as I got this job after craving for it so much, I gave all of what I had, my Managers were impressed with my work and passion, they promoted me to a Reception supervisor role, they initially thought it was too early to offer one, but they kept faith in me and I never let them down.

I worked as Reception supervisor for 1 year and then progressed to Duty Manager at Thistle by Kingsley. I am in my current role for 7 months.

I hope my you find my experience interesting enough to share with future graduates and hope I get to hear even more interesting stories from other graduates.

Lay Lu

Lay Lu

I was born in Leeds, England but was brought up and have lived in London since I was two years old. My friends are here, as are the majority of my family and I know and love the great city of London.

Before I started the course, I had my own take-away business which I co-owned with my parents. After my school years I went on to study Media and Performing arts which I then went on to graduate in. I then worked for a company called BDP Media which involved being in an office, testing websites and educational software. I knew that this wasn’t an area that I was going to stay in forever as I loved interaction with people and this is when I decided to go travelling for a year. I visited countries all over Asia, Europe and North America and loved every minute of it. This is when I knew I wanted to get involved in the tourism industry.

Before Reception Academy, I tried to get into the hotel industry, but lack of experience in the field held me back. Whilst browsing Gumtree for job positions, I noticed the advertisement for Reception Academy. After a few clicks, I found myself on the Reception Academy Facebook page, reading positive reviews and testimonials from past students that had gone on to bigger and better things. This is when I decided to give it a go. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. Reception Academy taught me everything I needed to know to work in a top class hotel including perfecting the little things that I thought I knew how to do already.

I found work very quickly after completing the course. Having potential employers at the Graduation Ceremony was a great idea and gave me a great opportunity to present my newly acquired skills. As well as this, I also had my CV posted on the Reception Academy website which seemed to get a lot of attention. I had calls from Hilton, Marriott, Novotel and Radisson (among others) with regards to receptionist, reservation and club lounge job positions.

The job I ended up taking was as a receptionist for Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel. The Hotel has a four star deluxe rating and uses the Opera PMS. After the training I had in Reception Academy I took to using a live system almost immediately and felt very confident about using it. It took me one year to progress to the next level.

My current position is Reception Supervisor of Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel. I have to keep an eye on all aspects of reception and am very happy in my current position. However, I am always looking to improve myself and am looking forward to jumping at the next opportunity that comes my way.

Magdalena Rusin

Magdalena Rusin

Hi Reception Academy. This is my story. I finished University in Poland, I studied Tourism and Hospitality Management and when I passed all my exams I become a Bachelor of Science in Tourism. I was looking for a job in Poland near my home but nothing was there so I came to London and started my adventure!

I started as an au-pair with a amazing English family, to make my English perfect and I spent a really great year with them. After 6 months of living with them I decide to look for another job, somewhere in hotels. I did an internship with Premier Inn, County Hall in Central London when I realised that I need to know a system to be able to find a better job.

I found your course online and I found out that the OPERA course is the one I needed. I spent a very hardworking and fun week with my group and Martin Hartman (Teacher) and I enjoyed every minute. The System wasn’t simple but the classes made it very easy to understand and gave me an opportunity to actually practise on it, it wasn’t only pure book knowledge.

After I finished the course I started looking for jobs in hotels (again!). I looked online and sent few CVs to hotels near me, the first hotel which replied was Village Hotel in Elstree. I went there for an interview and I loved the hotel from the first minute! I really hoped they will like me enough to offer me the job! The Manager of the Reception, Nancy talked to me for a while and she told me that she liked my CV, especially the part about me finishing your course! (I was first one who she interviewed and who knew the system already!) After 1 week she rang me back and offered me job!! I couldn’t believe my luck as it was only 3 weeks after I finished the course with you!!

I`m still working there after more than a year, but now I am a Supervisor of the very reception I started at, as a receptionist! It took me less than a year to become perfect as a receptionist so it was time for next step. I do enjoy it and I love my team, it’s hard sometimes but I wouldn’t change it for anything, this is what I always wanted to do! So thank you very much Reception Academy!