• The best opportunity to have a proper education. All the courses are focused on studyings that you need for you future job in hospitality. No time waste on subjects you won't ever use in your life like it's normal procedure in most of universities. All you need to become professional receptionist with potential career growth. Thank you, Reception academy. I did the right choice in 2011. And stayed in hospitality business until now. Will be back to you for more knowledge.

    No time waste on subjects you won't ever use Written 11th Apr 2018
  • Maria Dessi

    The Academy offers an excellent structured training given by extremely skilled trainers. Since the first day, thanks to their welcoming & friendly manners , they are able to give a clear example of what Hospitality is. If you became extra curious during your class, you will also have the chance to download few trainings online. If you decide to do so, in my opinion , you should do it only while attending a class. Thanks to all of this, soon I will start a new exciting adventure!...

    Excellent Course! Written 8th Apr 2018
  • Maria Simona Nicotra

    The course receptionist & Opera PMS was a very good course. I learnt a lot, just 4 weeks but now I have a very good knowledge. Teacher was amazing, lovely and professional.Pierre teach in a professional but funny way. I really enjoyed this course. It was a fantastic experience. I really recommend this school. Good investment!

    Good investment! Written 5th Apr 2018
  • Carmen Garcia de Vinuesa

    Best investment so far to start your career in the hospitality world. (I found my job after 6 days when I finished the course). A very big thank you to my top trainers Ramin and Pierre for being so well prepared, professional, kind and patience with all of the group. Hope to see you again!

    Hope to see you again! Written 4th Apr 2018
  • Oana Madalina Sandu

    Reception Academy is the right choice for anyone who wants to follow a career in Hospitality Industry. If you don’t have any knowledge, it’s ok, you’ll be surprised of how much you learn by the end of the course.

    They have the best teachers, you will not get bored and through their way of teaching you will push yourself to be better and achieve more than you ever wanted.

    I have completed the Corporate Receptionist & BluePoint VMS Software course and I enjoyed every minute of...

    It’s never too late to give yourself another chance. Written 4th Apr 2018
  • Lisa Coriddi

    This course is a first step to open the door to a new career, teachers are professional and teach you how to workbal better with OPERA system, and in hospitality world . I found work after 4 days of graduation. Was a nice training course, I absolutely recommend it to everyone.

    Professional Written 3rd Apr 2018
  • Sonia Pecoraro

    Was an amazing and enjoyable course. Thanks to my trainer Ramin. I really reccomand the course that give you a very good knolege and make you find in a really short time the job. Thank you!

    Great Course Written 2nd Apr 2018
  • Susana Cristino

    It has been 3 years since I finished my Reception Academy course and I just want to let you know how things have been for me since. After I finished my course, 3 weeks later, I was working at Laura Ashley the Manor Hotel in Elstree. After that I returned to Portugal and worked for a hotel during Summer season. Meanwhile I applied to cruise ships and in November I signed a contract as a Guest Services Officer with the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Company. Soon after starting I was p...

    None of this would have possible without taking my Reception Academy course Written 12th Mar 2018
  • Leticia Lopez

    Very recommended! I just finished my Receptionist & Opera PMS Course. This is the best first step you can do in the Hospitality career. Professionals training you under their own experiences in high standards hotels. Intensive course where you learn and practice (very useful) all the bases you can need in order to work as a receptionist. In a very friendly ambience, they make you feel comfortable in order to squeeze all your aptitude. I feel really grateful with Reception Academy....

    They make you feel comfortable Written 9th Mar 2018
  • Ilaria Licata

    The best investment on yourself that you could make if you would like to work in Hospitality and you don't have any experience within. They will give you all the knowledge and information that you need to shine among thousand of other candidates. I had Ramin as tutor and he was a clear teacher and I am really satisfied of what I learned from him. Thank you Reception Academy!

    The best investment on yourself that you could make Written 7th Mar 2018

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Our courses are designed in conjunction with international Hotels. We guide you through the training to ensure you have acquired skills to be an exceptional member of Front of House staff. A high percentage of our graduates gain employment in our partnered Hotels.