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  • Stella-Maria Bjornerud

    It’s been a true pleasure to attend the Reception Academy!!! I’ve just completed Hotel Receptionist and Opera PMS course. I learnt so much valuable information and many useful key skills to become an exceptional receptionist. My trainer Pierre is an excellent teacher! With all his enthusiasm, professionalism and support he made every day in Reception Academy very special and enjoyable:) I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking into starting a career in the Hosp...

    I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking into starting a career in the Hospitality industry Written
  • Larisa Pricopel

    I am very grateful to Reception Academy ,it was a wonderful experience .My course " Receptionist and Opera PMS" was very interesting and i have learned a lot of things about it I am grateful for it ,i have made new friends as well and the teachers are very professional with amazing skills. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to change their life career!

    A life changing experience Written
  • Nicoleta Monica Popa

    I have just finished the Hotel Receptionist and Opera PMS Course and I had the pleasure of having a FANTASTIC AND PROFESSIONAL trainer Mr Ramin. It was a fantastic experience , I learnt a lot from this course.I definitely recommend it’s a great opportunity to start a new career in hospitality . Thank you to all Academy team.

    I learnt a lot from this course Written
  • Anta Thiao

    Reception Academy is known by the industry and for the excellent reputation. They were 3 weeks of intensive but fun course where you learn and practice at the desk. Where I applied for a job, they had other former students of the course who worked already there. At the graduation ceremony, some HR manager of 4/5 star hotels cames looking for staff. It is a great point to show your interest. Reception Academy teaches you how to work, what to expect and what hotels expect from you i...

    Great Reputation Written
  • Irina Andreea Ianculescu

    I have signed up for this course thinking about making a career change. I read people's testimonials and thought it would be an interesting course, so I signed up. It was a very pleasant surprise to find the professionalism and support of the Reception Academy team and especially that of Ramin. I do not know how the three weeks have passed, each day was special and the level of quality of the services was at the height of my expectations. I have enjoyed learning about this new pro...

    Fantastic journey! Written
  • Zsofia Suszter

    I can only recommed Reception Academy to everybody! Both of my teachers (Martin and Pierre) were excellent, they were always well prepared, supportive and happy to help. We have learned loads of new things during classes, but we always had a nice athmospehere within the classroom. Using the advices they have given to us I found job hunting and interviewing less stressful, and much easier. The Academy also offers ongoing support for graduate students which I found very useful. It w...

    Reception Academy Review Written
  • Cristina Guariglia

    At the beginning of June 2019 I attended the 3 weeks 'Hotel Receptionist and Opera PMS' course. My main trainer has been Ramin, a lovely man and teacher who always helped us with anything we needed even after the training. Anyway we had the chance to meet all the Reception Academy team and all of them have been amazing with us. As soon as my CV was ready I started to apply to the kind of hotels I was looking for and in about a week I found a job. I'm really thankful to this people...

    I really recommend it to anyone who wants to start a career in hospitality! Written
  • Debora Bertoncin

    I will never stop to thank my FANTASTIC teacher Ramin for this amazing experience! Thank you for everything you did for us!! He is the most incredible dedicated person and he is always ready to help you (even after the end of the course I stressed him so much ????). Thank you to Pierre too, he took care of us even if he wasn’t our teacher!! I’ve learnt so many things and not only about opera pms or being a receptionist, but even about self confidence. I’ve already had an interview...

    You are all fantastic!!!! Written
  • Francesca Libera Piglionica

    I just graduated at the Reception Academy and I can recommend this experience to anyone that wants to start their career as a Receptionist. Thanks to my fantastic teacher Pierre I learned every detail and aspect involved in working in 4/5 star hotels. I found a job as a receptionist before the graduation day and I couldn't be happier

    I found a job as a receptionist before the graduation day and I couldn't be happier Written
  • Iris Hernandez

    I just recently finished the Medical Reception & Clinic Management Software Course at the Academy. I couldn't be happier to start my new journey with all the insight I received during the course. From the first day I knew that this was going to be life changing. I could tell that the Academy took your future seriously, by providing great staff and learning environment. My teacher Martin Hartmann was amazing, he was very professional and had our best interest at heart. I learned ev...

    Medical Reception & Clinic Management Software Course Written

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