• Alessia D'Angelo

    I finished my course with Reception Academy two days ago and I am so glad to had this fantastic month together. Thank you Pierre for make that so interesting, funny and easy to learn. It was a really pleasure! Everyone want work in hospitality industry, this is the course for you!

    It was a really pleasure! Written 23rd Nov 2017
  • Ekundayo Maria Juliette Abayomi

    The Reception Academy’s Hotel Receptionist and Opera PMS course is of a very high standard with a well structured content, delivered by expert trainers in a state of the art learning environment. There is plenty of opportunity for interactive confidence building and presentation practice to ensure that everybody succeeds. It is an amazing fun experience even if, like me, you are completely new to this or if English is not your first language. At the end of the course RA grad...

    Excellent value for money Written 23rd Nov 2017
  • Helene Gagliardi

    From the trainers to the materials, Reception Academy proves to deliver a truly unique, exceptional and memorable training experience. Pierre & Daniel are fantastic trainers in their own ways. They go above and beyond daily, bringing the best energy and keeping everyone engaged. Their support and material delivery allows the class to perform at their best. They genuinely inspire students and make them feel supported and encouraged. In addition to the brilliant courses offered, the...

    They genuinely inspire students Written 23rd Nov 2017
  • Eliane Oliveira

    I would like to tell you that I extremely recommend Reception Academy as a excellent opportunity to learn and also develop our talents. There are more than a simple theoretical instructions, and we find an enthusiastic vibe where our teachers encourage us to practice. In particular I mention my teacher Pierre Runacher, who is lovely and professional, bringing with him years of hospitality industry experience and share with us in the class. The time I had studying in Reception Aca...

    The time I had studying in Reception Academy made me a more confident person Written 21st Nov 2017
  • Francesca Saia

    Best experience and academy ever! I wasn't so sure to take this course but it was the best decision I ever made , it has completely changed my life! I really recommend it!

    I really recommend it! Written 11th Nov 2017
  • Martina Di Salvatore

    Well, what can I say? I attended the "Hotel Receptionist and Opera PMS" course: Nice people, usefull lessons. I really learnt a lot from this course: join it was one of the best decision I've ever made. Plus, I've got a job now so I can honestly say that it works really well. Thank you Reception Academy!

    I can honestly say that it works really well Written 8th Nov 2017
  • Adriana Monica Costache

    Dear Reception Academy I wanted to share with you that I have managed to score a perfect 100% in our latest Quality Assurance (Mystery Guest) for The Marylebone Hotel - Reservations - first time in the history of the hotel! A big thank you to Daniel for being my teacher!

    First time in the history of the hotel! Written 30th Oct 2017
  • Roxanne Zamagni

    I did the Reservations course back in March/April, and if I'm now a Reservations Supervisor it's also thanks to Reception Academy and Martin! Exceptional course and great atmosphere. I love coming back to this page from time to time to read about all the successful stories.

    I'm now a Reservations Supervisor Written 19th Oct 2017
  • Cosmina-Fighinia Susca

    Big thanks to Pierre for his support and guidance. Reception Academy is one of my biggest achievements in life because it gave me the opportunity to find my dream job. Keep doing the excellent work you are the best of!

    Reception Academy is one of my biggest achievements in life Written 6th Oct 2017
  • Tiago Matias

    I have to state that I’m extremely grateful to you, it’s not just because of having you hone my skills, it’s also because of the way you do it, specially the trainer that my training took place with, Pierre.

    Moreover, his way of teaching is just superb, very clear, straight forward and more importantly he made every bit of it fun which results in the increase of all the students’ concentration, I feel that to me this was one of the main key factors that allowed me to have such...

    Teaching is just superb, very clear, straight forward and more importantly they made every bit of it fun Written 6th Oct 2017

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