• Bianca Maria Maggio

    Ottima esperienza, mirata e professionale

    Ottima esperienza, mirata e professionale Written 5th Sep 2018
  • Viviane Brink

    Graduation for my 4 week receptionist course was just yesterday! I enjoyed my time thoroughly and I did not even prioritize fun going into it. Learning within a small group of people and a knowledgeable teacher (dear Pierre) who brought enthusiasm to the classroom every day, while seeing myself improve made for a fantastic experience I’m actually sad to leave behind. I do feel prepared now and can enter interviews with confidence. On graduation day we got to meet a bunch of big br...

    I enjoyed my time thoroughly Written 3rd Sep 2018
  • Marisa De Angelis

    I have just finished my course at Reception Academy and I think is one of the best decision of my life. This course opens you a lot of opportunities and finally I got the job I have Always wanted: Hotel Receptionist. If your dream is the same, become an Hotel Receptionist, don't hesitate: Reception Academy is the best place for you. Special thanks to my trainers Ramin and Daniel, you are really inspiring to me. Good Luck to the new students!

    The best decision ever Written 1st Aug 2018
  • Luigi Nicastro

    It was an amazing experience! After the Supervision and Leadership course I have a complete new perspective on how a good supervisor/ manager should be and above all the course gave me that boost in my career I was looking for. During the course everything is detailed and finely organised and once the course is completed they will still help you with every doubt or enquiry! I’m already thinking to do a new course with them, maybe next year.

    The course gave me that boost in my career I was looking for Written 27th Jul 2018
  • Oranelis Belinda Riobueno De Antoniis

    Doing this course have definitely been the best decision I've ever made. It brought me so many opportunities as soon as I got my certificate! I'm so grateful!

    I'm so grateful! Written 5th Jul 2018
  • Elena Amarfoaei

    Amazing!!! Great!!! Wonderful!!! Thank you dear Pierre!!!

    Thank you dear Pierre!!! Written 2nd Jul 2018
  • Marta Sitko

    I truly enjoyed the course! Have met absolutely amazing people and learned so much within just 4 weeks. London’s hotels - I am ready for you. Thank you Pierre for the patience and support. Highly recommend “Reception Academy “ to anyone!

    I truly enjoyed the course! Written 2nd Jul 2018
  • Maria Belen Vazquez de la Rosa

    I am very grateful to Reception Academy for playing a decisive role in my transition into corporate hospitality. If it was not for their excellent training, I might not have been able to change careers. I joined Reception Academy’s Corporate Receptionist & Visitor Management Software 2 Week Course in May 2018 and it exceeded expectations. I was soon impressed by the proficiency and professionalism of our trainers Ramin, Martin and Daniel, who went the extra mile to support me an...

    Reception Academy – Turning Point in My Story of Success Written 7th Jun 2018
  • Salvatore Roberto Saracino

    I have just successfully completed the course as Reservation Agent and I can say that there is no better choice in the training overview sector for those who want to enter the industry as highly qualified and recognized by recruiters, further confirmation of friends of mine who have suggested to me this course, founding a work placement after a very short time they have attended it; as proof of this, my classmates themselves started the first interviews already before terminating...

    Thank you, thank you so much Written 4th Jun 2018
  • Corina Munteanu

    Best choice I've ever made for a course, my trainer Pierre, was very energetic and passionate, always there to support us!!! I recommend 100% Reception Academy!!

    Pierre, was very energetic and passionate, always there to support us!!! Written 24th May 2018

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