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Recruit Trained Team Members

Recruitment Membership

At Reception Academy, we train passionate individuals for a career in the hospitality industry. Our training is extensive, hands-on and based on employer requirements. Once trained, these enthusiastic individuals will have the necessary knowledge employers seek. They will be added to our graduate database, which is accessible through our membership.

Benefits of recruiting our trained graduates

Our graduates have invested their own time and money into getting the skills they need to succeed in the hospitality industry. Their commitment goes far beyond the average applicant. Additional proven benefits that our graduates add to your business:

  • Better retention - our students stay in the job for longer
  • Enthusiasm and commitment - our students finance their own education thus showing how much they want this new career
  • Highly skilled - our students are extensively trained on policies, procedures, brand standards and relevant software, saving you time and money
  • No bad habits - we only train what is right so that you can mould them into the employee you want

Our Membership Offering

We understand that hiring new team members should be easy and cost-effective. That is why we offer three different recruitment packages to suit a variety of recruitment needs.

Bronze Membership

Recruit up to 3 graduates per year - Annual Membership of £594.00 (VAT included) Register / Login

Silver Membership

Recruit up to 6 graduates per year - Annual Membership of £954.00 (VAT included) Register / Login

Gold Membership

Recruit unlimited graduates per year - Annual Membership of £1194.00 (VAT included) Register / Login

What if I exceed my recruitment allowance?

We strongly suggest enrolling for our smallest recruitment package and gradually upgrading as and when you need more team members. By upgrading, you will only ever pay the difference between your original membership package and the next higher membership. For example, if you upgrade from our Bronze Package to the Silver Package you will only pay £360, allowing you to recruit an additional three graduates on top of the three you had in your Bronze Package allowance.

What will we get for our money?

Our recruitment packages are great value for money and provide a fantastic ROI. On top of that you can also expect:

  • Exclusive access to graduate profile portal
  • Full and exclusive access to standardised graduate CV and contact details
  • Feedback and references on graduate performance
  • Access to final exam results
  • To be included in mailings and newsletters of current and past students
  • To be promoted on our social media and student portal

How does Reception Academy differ from traditional recruitment?

Traditional recruitment usually requires you to take out expensive job advertising and, more often than not, the results will be disappointing. You may get a high volume of applicants who don't have the necessary experience or real passion.

The alternative may be an expensive recruitment agent that will do "all the work" for you but this could leave you with a poor ROI. And there is still no guarantee that the applicant will be qualified for the job, especially when recruitment is based on attitude rather than skills set.

However, at Reception Academy, we not only offer you well-trained students, we also only charge you a comparatively small annual membership fee. You are safe in the knowledge that our graduates can do the job, have higher retention and are driven by real passion for what they do. Our recruitment process is simple and you remain in full control. It can't get much better and easier than that.

How to register?

  • Register on our website
  • We activate your account and send you a confirmation email
  • Login, search our graduate database and recruit

Our T's and C's

To read our full recruitment terms and conditions please click here

Come and meet us

If you have anymore questions or would like to see the academy, drop us an email to and we will happily arrange for a date and time that suits you best.

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