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  • The Athenaeum logo

    The Athenaeum


    Rooms: 156
    Employees: 132
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  • Elounda Beach Hotel


    Rooms: 270
    Employees: 200
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  • Draycott Hotel logo

    Draycott Hotel


    Rooms: 35
    Employees: 42
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  • Lucknam Park Hotel & Spa logo

    Lucknam Park Hotel & Spa


    Rooms: 42
    Employees: 135
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  • TopStaff Recruitment logo

    TopStaff Recruitment


    Rooms: N/A
    Employees: N/A
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  • The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch logo

    The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch


    Rooms: 128
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  • Hotel Cafe Royal logo

    Hotel Cafe Royal


    Rooms: 160
    Employees: 350-400
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