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What does Reception Academy offer?

At Reception Academy we train passionate individuals for a career in the hospitality industry. Our training is extensive, hands-on and based on employer requirements. Once trained, we make these passionate individuals available to you.

We also offer you Bespoke Training, On the Job Training and Front Office Support and Setup.

What sectors does your training cover?

We are a specialised in Reception / Front Office training and mainly focus on the sectors of Hotels, Corporate Offices and Clinics. With courses such as Hotel Reception, Corporate Reception and Medical Reception we provide these industries with qualified, skilled and trained individuals wishing to enter into a career as a receptionist.

Having said that, we have provided other sectors with training and trained graduates. Our one day Customer Service Excellence Course in particular is very popular across all industries as it aims to teach five star Customer Service skills to existing team members.

If you think our services may be useful to you, please get in touch.

What do students learn during the course?

Our training is primarily hands-on to ensure that our graduates really have what it takes to get the job done. We focus on a mix of behavioural and technical skills. Our training will always include the use of a relevant software and practice sessions behind a replica reception desk. Thus making sure that our graduates are familiar with the environment they may be working in after course completion.

Our training is never generic and whilst topic titles may be similar the content is always specifically tailored to the industry they are used in. All content is regularly fine tuned and updated in line with the needs of leading companies in their field.

Classes include topics such as:

  • Welcoming Guests, Visitors and Patients
  • Providing First Class Service
  • Registering bookings
  • Check-In and Check-Out
  • Brand standards
  • Complaint handling
  • Up-selling
  • Telephone handling
  • Working under pressure
  • Touch Typing (Medical and Corporate Class)
  • Software use such as Opera PMS, BluePoint VMS and Medesk CMS

Feel free to explore each course in more detail.

Can we send our own Team Members for training?

Yes, absolutely. You can book any team member into any of our courses. This is not only a great way to motivate them but also shows how serious you are about their professional development. This is particularly beneficial if you consider promoting a line colleague into the position of a receptionist where this team member does not have prior experience in this department. Our training can get this team member up to speed and alleviate the stress on the existing team.

To discuss group or block bookings, please get in touch.

What career starter courses do you offer?

We are currently training our students in the profession of Hotel Reception, Hotel Reservations Agent, Corporate Reception and Medical Reception

Many of our graduates return to us to take our Supervisor & Leadership career development course.

We are constantly adding to our training portfolio and you can find a full list of our course offering here.

How can we recruit from Reception Academy?

We understand that hiring new team members should be easy and cost-effective. That is why we offer three different recruitment packages to suit a variety of recruitment needs. click here to find out more.

Who can recruit from Reception Academy?

Any company looking to hire exceptional and well trained front of house staff. Our career starter course graduates are specifically well suited to the hotel industry and the corporate sector. However, previous graduates have been hired, and made a valuable contribution to private clinics, luxury spas, residential reception teams, estate agencies, high profile customer service roles and airline representatives just to name a few.

The customer service elements trained in all our courses are based on luxury, five star hotel standards and applicants trained will compliment any front of house team.

How can we get in touch with graduates?

Our registered partner companies have a variety of options. We host a graduation ceremony once a month and as a partner company you are welcome to attend and meet graduates face to face over a drink, in a relaxed networking environment.

You also have the opportunity to see graduate profiles and CV's directly when logged in to your partner profile on our website. Once logged in, you can email or text graduates directly via the platform.

Lastly, you can always request to sit in during a class and see students in action. You are free to interact with them during practical exercises and take note of those students who stand out to you - ready to make them an offer once they completed the course.

Can none partner companies attend the graduation?

Our graduation events are exclusive to partner companies. However, if you have not previously worked with Reception Academy and you would like to see the caliber of candidates we have, please drop us an email at and we will invite you to attend the event on a one off basis.

Please note, that we kindly ask that you do not hire or make contact with any graduate as a result of having attended this event based on an introductory invite.

How can we become a Reception Academy partner?

Becoming a Reception Academy partner is simple. To find out more about our membership options and to start the registration please click here.

Where is the graduation?

Our graduations are generally held on the last Friday of each month and the venue varies. We aim to celebrate the success of our students in a 4* / 5* hotel in an easy to reach location. Partner companies will receive our graduation invite with venue details about two weeks prior to the event.

If you have a venue space and would like to host one of our graduations in exchange for a free, unlimited membership please get in touch and we are happy to discuss this further.

How can we register?

  • Register
  • We activate your account and send you a confirmation email
  • Login, search our graduate database and recruit

Do you offer Consultancy Services?

We offer consultancy and would be delighted to meet with you and tell you more about it. Alternatively, you can find further details on our consultancy work here.

Do you offer FOH Support and Setup?

Our years of experience in the front of house area make us an ideal partner if you require assistance in the setup and/or support of your reception department.

We can help to make your existing setup more efficient, review procedures, introduce and train desired standards.

It would be our pleasure to meet with you and tell you more about it. Alternatively, you can find further details on FOH Support and Setup here.

Do you offer Bespoke Training?

Yes. Whatever your training needs, we can create the right course for you and make it bespoke to the needs of your business. This bespoke option is ideal if you either already have set brand standards and would like to include them or if you know exactly what kind of training you want but you do not already have it created.

All bespoke training manuals and workbooks remain your property on completion. Once created you have a choice if you like us to train your teams or focus on training your trainers only or a combination of both.

It would be our pleasure to meet with you and tell you more about your options. Alternatively, you can find further details on Bespoke Training here.

Do you offer On-The-Job Training?

Absolutely. We have delivered On-The-Job training many times. This option is ideal if you want your team members to be corrected after they have interacted with a guest or client. Instant feedback is invaluable and helps the team member to correct behaviour instantly.

To find out more about this training option, please click here.