Club Med

Established in 1950, Club Med was the first one to offer all-inclusive holidays. It has been constantly innovating over the last 60 years to become a reference within the travel industry with over 80 villages around the world and a cruise sailing ship, the Club Med2. Club Med offers now to its clients a new way of experiencing vacations in its upscale friendly and multicultural villages.

Club Med is above all an extraordinary utopia founded by the determination of two men: Gilbert Trigano and Gérard Blitz. The latter declared: "From this idea was born a spirit... The aim of life is to be happy. The place to be happy is here. The time to be happy is now.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy and sense of responsibility have laid the foundations of an HR policy open to the diversity and development of our personnel.

Multicultural, pioneer, kindness, freedom, responsibility Each of these values that the G.Os and G.Es uphold is at the heart of all actions that the Group chooses to implement to create the upscale, convivial and multicultural Club Med.

As a signatory of the Diversity Charter, Club Méditerranée is strongly aware of issues relating to the promotion of diversity and prevention of discrimination.

The Club Med Spirit, upheld by G.O and G.E teams and shared with customers, is at the heart of our difference and the unique experience that each one may experience in the company. This spirit, the combination of professionalism and conviviality, is spawned in the talent of G.Os and G.Es.

Five words summarise the future of Club Med: Talent, Innovation, Decentralisation, Result, Success. If they are only words, they will make little impact on Club Med's ambition. However, if they become real management principles experienced on an everyday basis, which help us to clarify our priorities, accompany the transformation of the Club and its teams to be more reactive and agile in this permanently changing world, then they become fundamental.

Staff Benefits

Accommodation and meals provided Very competitive salary Multicultural environment Splendid locations Leisure facilities : sports activities, wellness centres, shows... free


Number of rooms:many thousands

Number of employees:Over 20,000 Worldwide