Tune Hotels

Sometimes, all you really need from a hotel is a hot shower and a good night’s rest. Without risking robbery either stepping out of the room, or paying the bill upon check-out. Our limited service hotels offer a 5-star sleeping experience at a 1-star price by getting rid of costly full service extras that sometimes, you just don’t need… and shouldn’t have to pay for just to get a decent night’s sleep.


Our Philosophy

While we don’t offer meeting rooms, pools, spas, saunas, room service or the like, for what you might pay for a meal at a fast food restaurant, you do get:

5-star beds

Our Tune beds feature high quality spring mattress beds with pillows, pillowcases, bed sheets and 250-thread count duvets, custom-made for our requirements by bedmakers who supply 5-star hotels - the basis of our promise for a 5-star sleeping experience!

Power showers

Each of our rooms feature attached private bathrooms with high-pressure, heated Power Showers. So even though you’re paying minimal room rates, you’re still enjoying premium showers in maximum privacy.

Central & convenient locations

All Tune Hotels hotels are strategically located close to major shopping, sightseeing and business destinations. Inside each hotel, you’ll find established convenience store operators and branded food & beverage outlets to give you reliable facilities within easy reach.

Clean environment

We provide daily housekeeping services to ensure you have a clean and pleasant stay with us.

Through our affordable pay-as-you-use system of add-ons for air-conditioning*, laundered towels and any other energy-consuming facilities and amenities, we try to help you conserve both your funds as well as the earth’s resources.

*Please note that ceiling fans are a standard feature in our rooms for guests preferring an alternative to air-conditioning.

24-hour security

Our hotels use electronic key card access into rooms, CCTV cameras throughout the hotel , round-the-clock on-duty security guards and no access to the main lobby without a keycard past midnight.

Our aim is:

To be the best limited service hotel chain in the world and and serve guests who are currently underserved with high prices.

Staff Benefits

Tune Hotels is a fast growing hotel chain and aims to almost triple the number of hotels from currently 34 to 100 by 2015. So there is plenty of opportunity to develop and grow as the company grows.


Number of rooms:many hundreds in over 34 hotels

Number of employees:many hundreds