Jumeirah Hotel Group Worldwide

Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts are regarded as among the most luxurious and innovative in the world and have won numerous international travel and tourism awards.


Our Philosophy

The company was founded in 1997 with the aim to become a hospitality industry leader through establishing a world class portfolio of luxury hotels and resorts. Building on this success, in 2004 Jumeirah Group became a member of Dubai Holding - a collection of leading Dubai-based businesses and projects - in line with a new phase of growth and development for the Group.

Stay Different

Just as every guest is different, so are our hotels and resorts. This is why Jumeirah's brand promise of Stay Different™ is so relevant and critical to how we honour the unique personalities of our properties while consistently delivering a memorable Jumeirah experience that is competitively superior and commercially successful.

Jumeirah delivers lasting, special memories through experiences, environments and superior service that are encapsulated in the single phrase "Stay Different™". It also represents the brand promise we make to our guests. We deliver our Stay Different™ promise through the following three areas of focus:

Imaginative and Exhilarating

Jumeirah's brand promise of Stay Different™ delivers "imaginative and exhilarating" experiences, and we carefully design and choreograph opportunities for inspiring moments and special memories for our guests and all who experience our brand. Whether it is through our products and services that deliver the dramatic and unexpected, or our dedication to superior design and sophisticated aesthetics that stimulates the senses, Jumeirah is known for what is "imaginative and exhilarating."

Culturally Connected

By creating "cultural connections" for our guests, we spark their curiosity and engage with their own individual tastes and interests by providing insights into the cultural heritage of our local communities. Through our initiatives, exhibitions and programming, we are committed to creating experiences for our guests that reflect the importance of culturally diversity, community collaboration and innovative expression. Jumeirah is known for its commitment to creating "culturally connected environments" for our guests and colleagues.

Thoughtful and Generous

Our brand's promise of Stay Different™ enables us to connect with the needs of our guests and deliver exemplary, personalized service. We achieve this by providing a definition of our commitment to guest service and true hospitality: "Thoughtful and Generous". Thoughtful and Generous means being courteous and considerate, surprising and special, and proactive and personal. The very practice of The Hallmarks symbolizes our commitment to delivering Thoughtful and Generous services.

These three dimensions together with the Jumeirah Hallmarks make up the platform upon which the Jumeirah brand is brought to life.

Staff Benefits

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and on providing unique experiences to our guests, however we can only achieve this through our colleague’s commitment to deliver the Stay Different promise to our guests.

Recognising & Celebrating Success

At Jumeirah our colleagues’ successes are supported and recognised through various recognition events.

Jumeirah and Jumeirah colleagues have won many national and international awards which have included: Concierge of the Year, Business Traveller Awards, Conde Nast Traveller Awards, What’s On Awards, Hotel Olympia, and many department specific awards.


Number of rooms:21 Hotels Worldwide

Number of employees:many thousands all over the world