Radisson Blu Edwardian

Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotels are a collection of luxury hotels in prime locations in the heart of London, Heathrow, Guildford and Manchester. The Edwardian name The Edwardian Era was the age of innovation. Picasso and Matisse transformed the art world. The Wright brothers flew, Rutherford split the atom and Einstein redrew the map of the universe. In our industry, great hotels reached new heights of luxury whilst in technology, art and culture, new perspectives on life were created - and so the modern age began. For so many reasons, that era provided the inspiration for the name Edwardian Hotels.


Our Philosophy

Our company vision is simple - We want to be the most admired company in London, in Guildford and in Manchester.

This single idea colours all of our thinking and gives focus to our plans.

Our mission

On a day-to-day basis, we have a mission to achieve and we express it in three parts:

100% guest satisfaction We have always made a simple promise to our guests. "If you are not satisfied with something, please let us know, we will make it right or you won't pay for that particular service". That has never changed - it never will. 100% guest satisfaction is always our first priority. 100% employment engagement We are not satisfied to be one of the better employers in the industry. We want to be viewed as the best. Currently Radisson Blu Edwardian is ranked as a top quartile global employer by Gallup, which benchmarks us against world-class businesses like Audi, Bank America, Marriot and Toyota. We have always believed in full staff empowerment. This gives our guests faster solutions - it also makes each role more satisfying - where there is responsibility in Radisson Blu Edwardian there is an equal measure of power. Positive cash flow By satisfying our guests and keeping every single team member engaged will ensure that we will have a positive cash flow.
Our values To achieve the guest satisfaction we aim at, we need to live according to a strong and very clear set of values. And we do. Our approach to customer service is simple. Everything we do has one purpose:

Making people feel special By this we mean paying attention to our guests and understanding them so well that we can anticipate what they want and deliver it to them before they have to ask. This is what makes people feel special - this is what luxury service means at our hotels. For two decades our staff have been empowered and rewarded for doing just this.

Luxury without pretension The Edwardian experience is about a new kind of luxury which makes you feel immediately comfortable and never intimidated.

Traditional luxury hotels can be quite formal and stuffy; the new designer luxury hotels can have an artificial, pretentious air, where your personal sense of style is judged - we believe our guests enjoy and expect beautiful spaces - but do not want to feel that they themselves are on display, or cannot fully relax.

The minute you step into one of our hotels, you are free to be whatever you want to be - this is your space to enjoy and we'll take care of you. It does not mean a laissez-faire attitude towards service - far from it. The service you will find here is natural, straightforward, and professional - it is also extremely friendly.

Edwardian staff will not deliver a formal, differential service - but they will make you feel comfortable, well looked after, and relaxed.

Staff Benefits

We are a privately-owned, family-spirited and hugely successful luxury hotel group with 14 hotels across London, Manchester and Guildford (opening autumn 2011). We’re also part of Carlson Companies Inc. - one of the world's largest hospitality businesses turning over more than $22bn annually in 140 countries. While we retain the advantages of private ownership, it’s a partnership that gives us access to worldwide marketing and industry-leading technology.

The essence of the Radisson Blu Edwardian, London brand is its core ‘Yes I Can!’ philosophy, an approach not only to service but also the way we do business. Put simply, it’s an attitude that makes things happen. It enables both the delivery of a customer promise that makes people feel special with genuine, individual service, and the building of mutually beneficial relationships with a commitment to ease of business.

Because genuine, individual service can’t be automated, it’s an approach that starts even before prospective employees do. We’re looking for people who have the human touch - and if you can show that special skill, there is simply no limit to how far you can go with us. We value autonomy, from front-line to head office, and empower employees by encouraging creativity in delivering the customer promise. The result is an individual experience every time, delivered by employees who believe in their brand.

What really sets us apart is the nature of the opportunities we offer. People with the right attitude and ability go very far, very fast.

At Radisson Blu Edwardian, London we recognise that people are different and have different needs and priorities. With that in mind, our scheme has been designed to give our people the ability to choose from a range of benefits, which are best for them and their family.


Number of rooms:Hundreds of rooms in around 14 London Hotels