Opera PMS Hotel Software Advanced 5 Day Course or 2 Weekends

Opera PMS Hotel Software Advanced 5 Day Course or 2 Weekends

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Opera PMS Hotel Software Advanced

Learn Opera PMS like a professional and get a career head-start from as little as £27.04 a month. Easy Repayment Plan available for this course. Apply Now.

This course is endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality (IOH) for its quality, innovation and industry specific modules tailored to the needs of leading hotels around the world.

Our one-week Opera PMS Hotel Software Course is ideal for all those who want to gain essential, hands-on skills on the most popular hotel software that is used in over 70% of hotels worldwide.

This high quality, fun and interactive course is to over 95% practical and hands-on where each student is given dedicated access to a laptop throughout the course. Sessions can be completed over the duration of one week or two weekends so it can fit around busy schedules or short trips.

Whilst this course was designed for individuals with no previous hotel software experience, it is also particularly well suited to:

  • Anyone interested in the hospitality industry with limited time for studying
  • Hospitality Graduates seeking to compliment their degree and increase employability
  • Hotel Receptionists or Hotel Reservations Agents who are wishing to learn Opera PMS to facilitate a career move
  • Price conscious individuals looking to gain a recognised qualification
  • You want to either learn about Opera PMS or refine existing skills

The course itself is structured around the Opera Property Management System (Opera PMS V5 formerly known as Fidelio). Opera PMS V5 is the most efficient and popular hotel system currently available and it is used extensively throughout hotels in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Please note: if you have never worked in a hotel before and are looking to start to a new Hotel Career, you may benefit more from one of our entry level courses such as Hotel Receptionist & Opera PMS or Hotel Reservations Agent & Opera PMS.

Our courses are the perfect stepping stone to a successful career in hospitality. Whether you are starting from scratch, enhancing your skills or seeking a recognised qualification, our interactive and hands-on courses are designed to be both fun and educational. Students will be given a laptop for use during the course and will work under the guidance and supervision of a qualified Hotel Front Office Software Trainer.

Reception Academy is accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) and we work in affiliation with over 800 hotels; our certificates are recognised by over 1,400 hotels. We are committed to providing our students with high quality training that is not only fun but also educational.

This 20 hour course can be completed over the duration of one-week or two weekends depending on your preference. Sessions are taught over a period of four / five hours and include Reception Academy stationery, a certificate of completion and Complimentary tea and coffee.

Course material covered:

✅ Understanding the role of a Hotel Receptionist

✅ Checking Availability & Quoting Rates

✅ Analysing Occupancy via the Rate Grid

✅ Reservation Procedures

✅ Booking via Telephone and Face to Face

✅ Updating Special Requests and Preferences

✅ Room Allocations

✅ Check-In Procedures

✅ Billing & Payments

✅ Check-Out Procedures

✅ Traces

✅ Routings

✅ Adjustments

✅ Rebates

✅ Use of Hotel Terminology

Why is this course not available as an online course?

Learning a new skill is not always simple and you need support and practice if you want to be able to successfully learn a complex hotel software from scratch. Yes, you can learn certain theoretical aspects by looking at print screens of a system online but let's be honest it is rarely fun or effective and it certainly will not give you the hands-on Opera PMS experience you need if you are serious about your career development.

Maybe the following example will make it clearer why taking an online course will not prepare you for a job in the hotel industry:

Ask yourself "Can you really learn to drive a car by completing a simple online course?" Most certainly not! You have to physically sit in the car, feel what it is like to steer and drive on the roads and learn what challenges you may face; the instructor safely by your side to give you a helping hand and guidance when needed. The same can be said about wanting to learn the Opera PMS Hotel Software. It simply is not something you can learn by watching a short video.

Remember, once employed by a hotel you will be working with a very expensive hotel software and real paying guests. No hotel will allow you to do so just because you completed a simple online course. Practicing on real paying guests, without having received the right professional training beforehand, can damage a hotels' reputation and your confidence. At Reception Academy we will help you build both, strong practical experience and confidence.

Our Opera PMS Hotel Software classroom course is not only approved by some of the biggest hotel names in the world but also endorsed by the reputable and well trusted Institute of Hospitality.

We operate on a "not for profit" basis and we are greatly supported by our partner hotels, allowing us to keep the course fees as low as possible and enabling you to take this essential software courses at a price that most training companies charge for a half day course. Remember, valuable classroom training provided by caring trainers, using a sophisticated hotel operating software can never be replaced by generic online training that is essentially delivered by a machine and does not include hands-on experience on Opera PMS.

The Cost of this course:


  • £349: Weekday course, this amount must be paid in full upfront
  • £399: Weekend course, this amount must be paid in full upfront

Included in the price:

✅ Reception Academy stationary to utilise during the course.

✅ Certification of completion

✅ Full access to our hotel connections and network of over 1400 employers

✅ Life-time career support

✅ Complimentary tea and coffee

Course timings:

Weekday Course London:

  • Monday-Friday, 07:30-11:30 or 12:00-16:00 or 16:30-20:30

Weekend Course London:

  • Saturday - Sunday, 09:00-14:00 (two (2) Consecutive Weekends)

More Information

To learn more about studying at Reception Academy and how we can help you to get a head-start in hospitality, view our Student and Hotel videos or contact us if you have any further queries.

Why not come and visit us in person at Reception Academy? We would be delighted to show you around and answer any further questions you may have. Just let us know when you would like to visit and we can arrange a date and time that suits you best.

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  • Reception Academy is amazing. I was working as Night Auditor in a 3 star hotel and I felt kind of stuck because we didn't use Opera and every other bigger hotel asked for knowledge of Opera. Just a couple of days after completing the 1 week Opera course I got accepted into a 4 star hotel, in which they requested Opera knowledge. Now I have the chance to grow in a new company. Thank you so much!

    Reception Academy October Graduate - Reception Academy is Amazing! Written 26th Oct 2015
  • Really really nice course! Thank you very much Nathalie for making the course interesting and funny at the same time (at 7 in the morning it's not easy to have the energy you had ;) ) and for sharing your tips and experiences which helped me to open my eyes! It has been a quite intensive week but extremely helpful! I would recommend this course to everyone who wants to learn more about hospitality and Opera in a short time but in the most efficient way! Great staff, well done! Ps. Nathalie... I'm still breathing from that day :D

    Reception Academy April Graduate - It has been a quite intensive week but extremely helpful! Written 30th Apr 2015
  • Excellent teaching :) Thanks! (this will get me a new job)

    Reception Academy October Graduate: "Excellent Teaching!" Written 21st Oct 2014
  • I did a 1-week Opera PMS V5 & Hotel Procedures course and I absolutely loved it! Thank you Reception Academy for creating such an interesting programme - it gave me solid foundation on how to use the system and an overview of the everyday life of the hotel! I am definitely recommending the course to anyone with no or some knowledge of the system! Special thanks to our trainer Nathalie who made the course even more interesting by telling us real life examples and how to deal with some of the issues. Thank you x

    Reception Academy October Graduate: "Thank you Reception Academy for creating such an interesting programme" Written 21st Oct 2014
  • Thank you Reception Academy, I was a student on your first course in Dublin with Daniel and I am delighted to say that I've started work on Reception at a very busy Kilkenny Hotel. The course really helped get my confidence to a level where I'm comfortable on a busy desk.

    I was a student on your first course in Dublin! Written 6th Feb 2014
  • I just finished a 1 week course with the Academy here in Dublin, Ireland. I just want to say a big thanks to the Academy for putting on an excellent course I learned so much and enjoyed it so much. Our trainer Martin was fab, to the point very clear and just an all round fab guy. I am so glad I did it and maybe one day I will do the 1 month course, thanks academy for taking the course to Ireland - it was a pleasure doing the course, again thanks, I recommend the course very highly!

    1 week course with the Academy here in Dublin, I recommend the course very highly! Written 27th Nov 2013
  • Testimonial

    The course was very beneficial and gave me a strong element of the hospitality industry. I would like to thank Mr. David for making the course enjoyable thanks to his professionalism and friendly approach. Also big thanks for his valuable advice and support.

    Valuable advice and support Written 21st Oct 2013
  • Good Morning,

    my name is Sara Elifani and I just finished the course "Opera V5 & Hotel Procedures" held in Dublin. I would like to thank you for the extremely interesting course and congratulates our Trainer/Teacher Daniel David for his professionalism and patience, in just 5 days I learned a lot about Opera and I am sure his precious teachings and tips will be more than helpful for my career in Hospitality Industry. I really hope there will be more courses, on Hotel Management and/or Receptionist, held in Dublin, or Ireland in the nearest future, because I will definitely enrol again.

    Thank you all again for this opportunity.


    Sara Elifani

    Thank you all for this opportunity Written 21st Oct 2013