Hotel Receptionist & Opera PMS Hotel Software 4 Week Course or 9 Weekends

Hotel Receptionist & Opera PMS Hotel Software 4 Week Course or 9 Weekends

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Hotel Receptionist & Opera PMS Hotel Software

Start your new Hotel Career from as little as £45.79 a month. Easy Repayment Plan available for this course. Apply Now.

This popular classroom course, unlike other online courses offered, has been designed for individuals looking to begin a career in the Hospitality industry. Our training ensures you have all the essential skills needed to be an exceptional Hotel Receptionist, ultimately leading to employment in one of our many partner hotels.

This Hotel Receptionist & Opera PMS Hotel Software course is endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality (IOH) for its quality, innovation and industry specific modules tailored to the needs of leading hotels around the world.

Our four week course covers standard Hotel procedures, extensive use of Opera PMS Hotel Software, Brand-standards of 5* Hotels and is followed by hands-on practical sessions behind a hotel reception desk in a state of the art training room, where newly learnt skills are put into practice. All classroom sessions are taught and observed by experienced and caring hospitality trainers.

At the Academy it is our goal to ensure you acquire the essential skills under our guidance and set you on the right path for your future career. This Opera PMS Hotel Software classroom course is tailored to meet the requirements of individuals with no previous Hotel Receptionist experience. Consequently, anyone from any background, nationality or age is welcome to join the course and start a new career in this wonderful and rewarding industry.

Upon completion of the course a profile is created on our website for each graduate consisting of their CV, a professional photograph, contact details and their preferences for employment. Our partnered hotels are granted exclusive access to these profiles in order to find suitable applicants for their vacancies.

As a result of our extensive hotel connections, hospitality network and close collaboration with our partnered hotels over 95% of all our students are able to secure employment within a very short period of time upon course completion.

This unique and interactive Hotel Reception & Opera PMS Hotel Software classroom course comprises of 80 hours of training and gives you an insight into the real working environment of hotels.

Course Material covered:

UK 5* Hotel procedures and brand standards:

✅ Customer service procedures; Welcoming guests upon arrival and using correct terminology

✅ Checking guests in and out and all other booking/reservation procedures

Opera PMS Hotel Software:

This course is to over 85% hands-on system training and you will get extensive Opera PMS practice on:

✅ Creating bookings

✅ Check–In and Check-Out

✅ Amending bookings

✅ Processing payments

✅ Sending confirmations

✅ Using Opera PMS Options

✅ Individual and Company Profiles

✅ Profile Notes and Guest History

✅ Recording complaints

✅ Guest preferences and special requests

✅ Early arrivals and late departure procedure

✅ Processing Cancellations

✅ Introduction to Hotel Accounts

Sales and guest interaction:

✅ Role play sessions using our replica Hotel Reception desk in our classrooms

✅ Becoming familiar with hotel terminology (specific language used in the UK)

✅ Learning to up-sell a room to a guest

✅ Guest complaint handling

Employment Assistance:

✅ CV writing skills; guidance on creating the correct CV for Hotels

✅ Interview techniques; guidance on how to perform in an interview

✅ Career path planning for a clear understanding of your future in the hospitality industry

Why is this course not available as an online course?

Learning a new skill is not always simple and you need support and practice if you want to be able to successfully start a new career from scratch. Yes, you can learn certain theoretical aspects of a new job online but let's be honest it is rarely fun or effective and it certainly will not give you the hands-on experience you need if you are serious about your career ambitions.

Maybe the following example will make it clearer why taking an online course will not prepare you for a job in the hotel industry:

Ask yourself "Can you really learn to drive a car by completing a simple online course?" Most certainly not! You have to physically sit in the car, feel what it is like to steer and drive on the roads and learn what challenges you may face; the instructor safely by your side to give you a helping hand and guidance when needed. The same can be said about wanting to learn and become a Hotel Receptionist. It may look simple but it requires a lot of skill and training to make it look effortless.

Remember, once employed by a hotel you will be working with a very expensive hotel software and real paying guests. No hotel will allow you to do so just because you completed a simple online course. Practicing on real paying guests, without having received the right professional training beforehand, can damage a hotels' reputation and your confidence. At Reception Academy we will help you build both, strong practical experience and confidence which will not only get you the job but help you to build the career you are aspiring to.

Our Hotel Receptionist & Opera PMS Hotel Software classroom course is not only approved by some of the biggest hotel names in the world but also endorsed by the reputable and well trusted Institute of Hospitality.

We operate on a "not for profit" basis and we are greatly supported by our partner hotels, allowing us to keep the course fees as low as possible and enabling you to start a new career at a price that most training companies charge for a two day course. Remember, valuable classroom training provided by caring trainers, using a sophisticated hotel operating software can never be replaced by generic online training that is essentially delivered by a machine and does not include hands-on experience on Opera PMS.


Weekday Course:

  • £799 – This rate is the discounted rate which must be paid in full at the point of booking
  • £899 – This rate may be paid in three instalments of £299.67

Weekend Course:

  • £899 - This rate is the discounted rate which must be paid in full at the point of booking
  • £999 - This rate may be paid in three instalments of £333

Included in the price:

✅ Reception Academy stationery to utilise during the course.

✅ Certification of completion

✅ Graduation ceremony in a 4*/5* star London Hotel

✅ Student profile, including a professional profile picture and CV accessible to all our partner hotels

✅ Active support in finding you employment upon course completion

✅ Full access to our hotel connections and network of over 1400 employers

✅ Life-time career support

✅ Complimentary tea and coffee

Course times available:

Weekday Course:

  • Monday – Friday 07:30 – 11:30 or 12:00 – 16:00 or 16:30 – 20:30 – 4 weeks

Weekend Courses:

  • Saturday or Sunday 09:30 – 18:00 – 9 weekends (Cost of Weekend course is £899 in full on the day of booking or £999 in three payments of £333)


Dress Code;

Please note that we require you to wear a conservative style suit on three (3) occasions, the photo, practical exam and graduation days.

On the first day and all other “non suit days” please feel free to wear anything you feel comfortable in. Your trainer will provide you with “suit day” dates in one of your first lessons

More Information

To learn more about studying at Reception Academy and how we can help you to get a head-start in hospitality, view our Student and Hotel videos or contact us if you have any further queries.

Why not come and visit us in person at Reception Academy? We would be delighted to show you around and answer any further questions you may have. Just let us know when you would like to visit and we can arrange a date and time that suits you best.

Not sure if becoming a Hotel Receptionist is right for you? Read here and find out!

Worried about Brexit?

Don't be. There is a good reason why Brexit may actually help you to boost your Hotel Career. Click here and find out why.

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  • Alessia D'Angelo

    I finished my course with Reception Academy two days ago and I am so glad to had this fantastic month together. Thank you Pierre for make that so interesting, funny and easy to learn. It was a really pleasure! Everyone want work in hospitality industry, this is the course for you!

    It was a really pleasure! Written 23rd Nov 2017
  • Ekundayo Maria Juliette Abayomi

    The Reception Academy’s Hotel Receptionist and Opera PMS course is of a very high standard with a well structured content, delivered by expert trainers in a state of the art learning environment. There is plenty of opportunity for interactive confidence building and presentation practice to ensure that everybody succeeds. It is an amazing fun experience even if, like me, you are completely new to this or if English is not your first language. At the end of the course RA graduates are highly sought after by the hospitality industry. Excellent value for money. Highly recommended.

    Excellent value for money Written 23rd Nov 2017
  • Helene Gagliardi

    From the trainers to the materials, Reception Academy proves to deliver a truly unique, exceptional and memorable training experience. Pierre & Daniel are fantastic trainers in their own ways. They go above and beyond daily, bringing the best energy and keeping everyone engaged. Their support and material delivery allows the class to perform at their best. They genuinely inspire students and make them feel supported and encouraged. In addition to the brilliant courses offered, the team at Reception Academy will not only teach you essential hospitality knowledge and skills, but will invest time and effort into guiding you towards your future career goals.

    They genuinely inspire students Written 23rd Nov 2017
  • Eliane Oliveira

    I would like to tell you that I extremely recommend Reception Academy as a excellent opportunity to learn and also develop our talents. There are more than a simple theoretical instructions, and we find an enthusiastic vibe where our teachers encourage us to practice. In particular I mention my teacher Pierre Runacher, who is lovely and professional, bringing with him years of hospitality industry experience and share with us in the class. The time I had studying in Reception Academy made me a more confident person, regarding my posture and knowledge to face the this professional field as a goal. As a bonus, after my graduation, the Reception Academy family is look after their learners, giving us a great opportunity to apply for job, connecting us with various and prestigious hotels around London. Look forward always learning and to get a better person and employee for the future, I advice you guys to have this amazing experience to be part of Reception Academy students.

    The time I had studying in Reception Academy made me a more confident person Written 21st Nov 2017
  • Martina Di Salvatore

    Well, what can I say? I attended the "Hotel Receptionist and Opera PMS" course: Nice people, usefull lessons. I really learnt a lot from this course: join it was one of the best decision I've ever made. Plus, I've got a job now so I can honestly say that it works really well. Thank you Reception Academy!

    I can honestly say that it works really well Written 8th Nov 2017
  • Cosmina-Fighinia Susca

    Big thanks to Pierre for his support and guidance. Reception Academy is one of my biggest achievements in life because it gave me the opportunity to find my dream job. Keep doing the excellent work you are the best of!

    Reception Academy is one of my biggest achievements in life Written 6th Oct 2017
  • Tiago Matias

    I have to state that I’m extremely grateful to you, it’s not just because of having you hone my skills, it’s also because of the way you do it, specially the trainer that my training took place with, Pierre.

    Moreover, his way of teaching is just superb, very clear, straight forward and more importantly he made every bit of it fun which results in the increase of all the students’ concentration, I feel that to me this was one of the main key factors that allowed me to have such a high grade, having a way to laugh a little amidst the training made it so that people don’t get saturated of all the teaching taking place and keep their interest in the subjects at hand.

    All in all very interactive, made me very prepared to start working in a reception, from how to behave with a guest to all the technical terms we use at work.

    Teaching is just superb, very clear, straight forward and more importantly they made every bit of it fun Written 6th Oct 2017
  • Richard Quartey

    Fantastic experience! I have just completed the Hotel Receptionist and Opera PMS Course and I can honestly say that it was one of my best achievements. I learnt a lot of valuable information on the Hotel Industry that is so hard to find anywhere else. I had the pleasure of having Pierre as my teacher for four weeks and he was sensational, he really makes you enjoy what you do and learn. Not only do you learn but you also make new friends. I would recommend this course to anyone pursuing a career in the Hotel Industry and will look forward to progressing and later on doing the supervisor course at Reception Academy also. Thank you again to all the staff and all the best to everyone starting this amazing life changing course.

    Fantastic experience! Written 5th Oct 2017
  • Giulia Sapienza

    I had the most amazing experience at The Reception Academy (RA), I have been wanting to make the career change to work in a hotel and after reading great things online I decided to go to RA. Really passionate staff who are always ready to help, especially my trainer Pierre who is incredibly supportive. It's not an easy course but well worth the money and the time. You will learn so much and make some friends at the same time. I would happy recommend doing the RA to anyone who is thinking about starting a career in the hotel industry.

    Really passionate staff who are always ready to help Written 20th Sep 2017
  • Gareth Jeffrey

    A fantastic experience, 10 months after completing the 4 week opera PMS and hotel receptionist course I have just left my first position in a 4 star hotel to take the position of night manager of a Hilton hotel, the teaching is fantastic,the support you get is incredible, this course is really worth doing. Thank you Ramin, Pierre and all the team at Reception academy

    A fantastic experience Written 6th Sep 2017
  • Csilla Jano

    I want to share my great experience with Reception Academy. I have completed a 4 weeks course and I can say that it was worth it 100%. My trainer was Daniel and I also had a few class with Pierre, these people know what they are doing, they really know what means hospitality. They trained us in an interactive teaching style that promotes an atmosphere of attention and participation, they make it exciting-make it fun. I have enjoyed all the classes and I was always waiting for the next day. They gave us a lot of support till the end and after that as well.

    They trained us in an interactive teaching style that promotes an atmosphere of attention and participation Written 1st Sep 2017
  • Felix Müller

    The time in the Reception Academy was a wonderful time for me. I have learned a lot of Information about the hotel Industry itself and especially about the work as an receptionist. but more than this I enjoyed the great experiences in the course and in London. I met very nice people. Special thanks for our wonderfull teacher Ramin. He was very supportive and explained everything in a way that I can understand. When we had questions he gave us the answers in a very detailed and easy to understand way. I enjoyed every day of this course and I want to thank all the people in the reception academy team.

    I enjoyed the great experiences in the course and in London Written 20th Aug 2017
  • Sara Boci

    Reception academy was a great learning experience, our Trainer Pierre was absolutely amazing and helpful with exceptional knowledge of the industry. We learned every aspect that the job entails in detail. After the course there's been so many job opportunities at top Hotels, or corporate, whatever you chose.

    Doing this course was one of the best decisions I've made.

    Doing this course was one of the best decisions I've made. Written 20th Aug 2017
  • Giuseppina Campagna

    My experience at Reception Academy was amazing!!!...I attended the afternoon course and it was really hard because in the morning I worked in another place. All staff made always themself available for any request. At first starting with the Opera system was like a lot because I never use it, but we practices so much that after one or two weeks it was natural to work with it. My trainer was an excellent person; he is always available to answer our questions, to repeat and clarify any our doubts. He taught us to use the Opera program but not only, he taught us how to deal with an formal interview and this topic was really useful for me because I understood what was wrong in my way to face up to an interview and a stressful situation like this. Now I really happy to be part of Staybridge Suites' staff in Vauxhall and to finally become a professional Guest Service Representative. If I reached this position today, I need to only say thank you to Reception Academy, which helped me to achieve success, it has brought out my desire to redeem and to show the world to be a valid person!!!!

    I am really happy to be part of Staybridge Suites' now Written 9th Aug 2017
  • Celia Peña Núñez

    I did the Hotel Receptionist and Opera PMS Hotel Software in june. I had heard about the academy back in Spain, and when I came to London in February I met some ex-students that told me it was very good. I was skeptical, at the beginning because I thought they would be exaggerating but I decided to give it a try. Well I can tell you know that they were not exaggerating at all, everyone there is amazing and always willing to help you. My teacher Ramin, what can I say? It's fantastic!!! He loves his job and he was always helping and motivating us. He made classes very entertaining and gave us examples of when he worked in the front desk. Besides the course is very interesting because you not only learn the Opera System, you learn how to work on a front desk, how to manage the phone, how to prepare a profesional CV, how to handle an interview and everything you need to succed and get the job you are looking for. If anyone reads this and it is thinking about taking the course I would tell you: "do it", don't hesitate! Really worth it!

    Really worth it! Written 9th Aug 2017
  • Federica Merlak

    I can’t believe it is coming to an end and next week we have our final exam!! I had a great experience and enjoyed every single minute of these 9 Sundays! Can't believe how much we learned!!! Ramin the way you is fantastic..RAMIN YOU ARE FANTASTIC!! One of the best choice I have ever made! Thank you Ramin, thank you Reception Academy!!!

    Thank you Reception Academy!!! Written 9th Aug 2017
  • Mariami Svanidze

    Hey everyone! I am on the third week of the hotel receptionist course.Good decision I made to take 4 weeks training class at Reception Academy . I have learned a lot of valuable things. Reception Academy is a great experience and really worth it for those who are interested in the hospitality industry.However, special thank you to our Amazing Trainer Ramin . He is a reliable , supportive, and talented trainer. Furthermore, he is always available to answer any questions I have, very easy going and friendly.he is without doubt one of the most amazing person I have ever met.. he is passionate about his work. Thank you to Ramin.

    Our trainer is reliable, supportive and talented. Written 22nd Jun 2017
  • Barbara Bosetti

    "To achieve big things you have to have big dreams" ~Conrad Hilton~ If you are here, on this page, reading my review I guess it's because like I did, before joining this Academy, you are trying to find out as much information as you can before spending all your savings for a month course. Am I right?! Well, if you truly want to start a career as a receptionist don't waist your time asking yourself is this worth it or not? "Hotel receptionist and Opera software" is the best course i've attended so far, if your goal is to learn how to become not just a good hotel receptionist but an exceptional receptionist you are on the right way! Sadly I have only 7 days left before finishing this experience, but at the same time I just can't wait to put everything in practice in a real life Hotel. If one day you'll decide to join the Academy ask about Ramin, it's a Top Class trainer and he'll exceed your expectations every day! Reviews are really important and in this case they are the reason why I decided to start this Academy. I hope I have been a help to you, and once again thank you to all the members of the Academy, keep up the good work!

    Ramin, it's a Top Class trainer and he'll exceed your expectations every day! Written 22nd Jun 2017
  • Tamara Petromarkov

    I had the first class yesterday and I absolutely loved it! Can't wait for the next Saturday!

    Loved it Written 19th Jun 2017
  • Alice Pasquinelli

    Hello Everybody, I've been busy with the job hunting after the graduation day last week, but it matters a lot to me sharing my experience with my collegues and trainers and with whoever wishes to join Reception Academy and need a sort of advice or proof of Reception Academy professionality and reliability. The course far outshone my expectations, really well paced with a good balance of class and exercises. First of all a huge thank you goes to Ramin, who has been a fantastic and truly inspirational trainer. Always energetic and passionate about all the material, Ramin made me feel at ease, his delivery is clear, competent, efficient and to the point. He knows when to lift the group with humour,and he knows when the focus has to change. His experience gave me a very direct understanding of the hotel industry and where my future career in hospitality may lead me. He has, beyond doubt, provided me all the support I needed to strengthen my aspirations and to guide me towards that delicate process of embarking on a new career. This course has really helped me understand the new step I wanted to make in my job progression in order to fullfil my personal and professional development. It is well organised and focused on a realistic method that teach you the skills needed in a job environment. Theory is covered the first 2 weeks, and then practise takes over to sharpen the student abilities and to make them become more and more confident with the reception tasks. It is a very intense course that absolutely prepares students for a real life job opportunity. I would also like to stress the interview process explanation. I personally found this part of the course enormously useful. I felt undoubtedly well prepared and equipped to deal with the job hunting and the interview process that happened after graduation day. You really have all the tools to reply in a smart and professional manner to the interview questions, to make courageous and fearless conversations with potential employers, to demonstrate confidence and to make informed and positive decisions. After only 10 days from graduation I've found employment in a very prestigious property, one of the Hotels I really wanted to be part of and I'm beyond happy and thrilled. For those who are thinking to join Reception Academy I would say do it! If you are passionate about the hospitality industry, if you want to boost your skills or simply are looking for taking on a new challenge do it! I personally assure you will not regret this opportunity. It will worth all the time invested and all the money till the last penny. My only advice to anybody doing it in the future would be to go in with an open mind, be prepared to listen and get stuck in! You will not be the same person after, and you will never look at the work environment with the same attitude because it's a life changing experience. Thanks to Reception Academy I've found myself enthusiastic and highly motivated, it helped me aiming higher and gave me a new confidence to aspire to reach my goals and dreams with an education that will move me towards my desired career. For these reasons I unquestionably have had an outstanding experience with Reception Academy and with its team of extremely professional, knowledgeable, sympathetic, friendly and supportive people. I would like to thank all of them: Ramin, Pierre, Daniel and Valeria. You may see me again in the future in another one of your lovely courses... Who knows... Well done guys! Keep up the good work.

    Ramin has been a fantastic and truly inspirational trainer Written 15th Jun 2017
  • Gabriela Genoiu

    I just finished the Receptionist & Opera PMS Software Course and I am really happy of my choice. I had a great time with Ramin, he is fantastic!:) I highly recommend Reception Academy to anyone looking to improve their skills or to start a new career in Hospitality industry. Also a special thank to Pierre :-) I will miss you, Reception Academy!!

    I will miss you, Reception Academy!! Written 9th Jun 2017
  • Christina Makaju Shrestha

    Reception Academy is a platform to start your career in the UK in the service industry. The trainers are very professional and helpful. They provide notes, guidance and support with extensive practical classes that help in developing your knowledge both theoretically and practically. I took the class of May 2017 and happy to say as desired, I found my place to start. I count myself as a lucky one to get the chance to attend the class from three of the trainers, Ramin, Pierre and Daniel, who were all fabulous and wonderful. They are very helpful and I am thankful to them. Of course Valeria, she is the beauty of the Academy. She is very supportive. You can go for a chat with her during your break. The Reception Academy team is a fantastic team. One of the best decision I have taken in a rush. What happened was I sat confused at my laptop screen, searching for jobs, thinking of a course and all of a sudden the Magical Door of the Reception Academy Opened. Google you are a Treasure Box. Reception Academy you are the treasure inside. And this is to the Team, Yes, I got the job on the day when we Graduated. I find myself as one of the luckiest students of the Reception Academy to be offered with a job on the Graduation Day. Daniel and Ramin, Thank you for the suggestions, I will always remember that and make sure that I work hard on your notes. I thereby suggest this course to the people who are thinking of pursuing a career in the Hospitality Industry. This course is great. The atmosphere is comfortable and the people are warm and hospitable. P.S. : Thank you the team, you are the first reason to this first journey of Hospitality Industry in the UK

    This course is great Written 7th Jun 2017
  • Esmee Jonker

    My experience at reception academy was the best! At first starting with the Opera system seemed like a lost cause, but we practice so much it becomes second nature. Big thank you to my trainer Daniel who helped us so much and made me cry with laughter every day, he's amazing. He will help you with anything, no matter how many times you ask. For anyone who's thinking of becoming a receptionist, Receptionist Academy is the best starting place and gives you so many opportunities to start your career. I had an amazing class, absolutely loved it and am sad it's over. Doing this course is the best decision I've made! Thank you to everyone at Reception Academy!

    My trainer helped us so much and made me cry with laughter every day Written 7th Jun 2017
  • Liliana Larisa Damian

    Thank you very much Reception Academy!! A big Thank You to Daniel David my trainer, a dedicated teacher and a fantastic personality. I have enjoyed every minute of being there. Such an amazing experience, with wonderful people. Deciding to attend the 4 weeks course for Hotel Receptionist&Opera PMS Hotel software, was one of the best choices I ever made. I highly recommend Reception Academy to anyone looking to improve their skills or to start a new career in Hospitality industry.

    I have enjoyed every minute of being there Written 6th Jun 2017
  • Jenosha Sinnapodiyan

    I just finished my 1 month course and I can say it was amazing! Ramin was my teacher, he is fantastic! Especially the way how he teach! All the staff are nice and helpful! Whoever wants to start a career in hospitality Reception Academy is the best choice!

    It was amazing! Written 6th Jun 2017
  • Polina Fotevska

    Good morning, everyone! It was an amazing 1 month! I want to say THANK YOU to my trainer Daniel, who give us a lot of knowledge and make us more confidence! THANK YOU for the patience and advices! If someone wants to start a career in hospitality - Reception Academy is your place! Thank you again I already miss you!

    Reception Academy is your place! Written 6th Jun 2017
  • Jose Miguel Moreno Martos

    I only have good words to describe the 4 week course I have done. Very useful and practical, I loved it all. The trainers help you with everything from the first day. Special mention to my trainer Ramin, thank you for everything.

    I loved it all Written 5th Jun 2017
  • Michele Squaranti

    I really enjoyed this course,the trainers and the staff are very qualify and very good teachers.I had the best trainer Daniel, thank you for teaching us.. Who really want to start to work in hospitality i highly suggest this Academy. I'm gonna miss this Academy.

    I really enjoyed this course Written 5th Jun 2017
  • Mariya Valkova

    Hey everybody! I just want to share my great experience with Reception Academy! It was an amazing 1 month, I've learned so much about the hospitality and how to became an exceptional receptions. I want to say a huge THANK YOU to my trainer Daniel, who gave us a lot of knowledge and also make us way more confident. If you are someone who is interested in the hospitality, but don't know how to start, Reception Academy is the right place! Thank you so much Reception Academy!

    It was an amazing 1 month Written 5th Jun 2017
  • Elisa Pompa

    Hey! I want to say how fantastic was my experience with Reception Academy!! It was a great month..i learned a lot about hospitality and how to be an exceptional receptionist. I want to say THANK YOU to my trainer Daniel for his sympathy and dedication to us and the course. I recommend to all the people who want to join the hospitality world to attend this course. I will miss you Reception Academy!

    I will miss you Reception Academy! Written 5th Jun 2017
  • Elena Mihaela Ene

    Last school day at Reception Academy ! It was a great opportunity for me ! Excellent team and the best teacher ever Pierre. Thank you for gave me the opportunity to grow. Best wishes for all of you !

    Best teacher ever Written 2nd Jun 2017
  • Maria Eloisa Macalalad

    A fantastic hospitality training institution that gives solid foundation and has the best mentors. I did my four-week hotel receptionist training here and I learned a lot from day one until the end of the course. I also had fun and met new interesting friends. Thank you Daniel, Pierre and most especially to Ramin. If you're wanting to start a career in hospitality, I highly recommend Reception Academy. Good luck!

    A fantastic hospitality training institution Written 22nd May 2017
  • Dulce Maria Rodríguez

    Great Hospitality Academy. I finished the 4 weeks Hotel Receptionist course last March and I can say it was an amazing experience. Our teacher Pierre, is an expert on the matter and shared his knowledge with us in an enjoyable yet very professional way. I totally recommend Reception Academy to those who want to make Hospitality their way of living, because here for sure, you will get the tools needed to succeed.

    Great Hospitality Academy Written 10th May 2017
  • Melissa Javier De Mesa

    Hi everyone... just want to thank everyone at Reception Academy team for being patient, teaching us and making us laugh. Even though i dont have the experience of the hotel receptionist now i have knowledge so i will understand better. Special thanks to our trainer Ramin for bringing us together as a group and teaching us the lot! ... now i recommend for some of you to find a course at reception academy because i just had a job before our graduation day- very happy and feeling proud. So thank you again, hope to see you all in the future. GOOD LUCK!! ... Melissa

    Special thanks to our trainer for bringing us together as a group Written 10th May 2017
  • Daniela Spezzano

    I just finished the Receptionist Course, I'm really happy of my choice. I had a great time with Ramin, he has great passion and cares a lot about his students. I recommend this course to be prepared and confident when starting a new job. The knowledge is really helping you out for interviews and especially for the job itself. Thank you to Reception Academy

    I'm really happy of my choice Written 27th Apr 2017
  • Lorella Nenci

    THANK YOU SO MUCH RECEPTION ACADEMY AND OUR TRAINER RAMIN!!!! Attending the lessons with a professional, enthusiastic and patient trainer as Ramin made it all interesting and enjoyable. I do not regret choosing you as my training hotel. Great team!!! I highly recommend it!!!

    Great team!!! Written 25th Apr 2017
  • Mara Barbieri

    Very nice experience in a very professional environment. Thank to Ramin and all the Recrption Academy's team I learned a lot about hospitality and after my 4 week course I found a job in less then one week. Thank you again to everyone.

    I found a job in less then one week Written 18th Apr 2017
  • Jaswant Kaur

    Best place to start, if you wish to work in the hospitality field as a receptionist. Amazing teaching and understanding of the Opera systems and what to expect when working live in 4 and 5 star hotels. Learnt and gained valuable skill and qualification for a head start in the right direction!!

    Best place to start Written 7th Apr 2017
  • Uliana Comerzan

    I've decided to start the 4 weeks Hotel Receptionist Course on 6th of March and I do not regret it. Our course comes to the end this week and I am very excited and grateful about all the knowledge that I've accumulated during the course. We had such a great and professional trainer. Ramin, thank you very much for your patience and advices. I have enjoyed all your lessons. I strongly would like to recommend Reception Academy for anyone wants to start a career in Hospitality.

    We had such a great and professional trainer Written 29th Mar 2017
  • Iulia Potinga

    Thank you very much. I am working now in a 5* hotel and I really enjoy this job. Thank you for the patience and the funny classes with Mrs. David Daniel. See you soon.

    I am working now in a 5* hotel Written 24th Mar 2017
  • Zsuzsa Major

    Dear future students! Tomorrow is our final exam. Before I would like to say Thank You for Reception Academy and Mr Ramin Semsar. I loved every minute on this 9 Saturdays. I will miss the course, the lot of intresting and funny stories and also our group. I can offer for everyone this course, who would like a help for a better and nicer future. Thank you once again, and I hope YOU will be the next student

    I loved every minute Written 21st Mar 2017
  • Marina Vera Martinez

    I am really happy to do this course. One of the best experiences of my life. I really enjoyed and learnt at the same time with my colleagues and with my amazing teacher Pierre. Also I got a job only a week after finish it. I recommend it to everyone!!

    My amazing teacher Pierre Written 17th Feb 2017
  • Gergana Vasileva

    Thank you Reception Academy,great experience and lovely people there.Thank you very much Daniel for these 4 weeks training us.I am very happy and I will do another course if I need to in the future again.If someone want to be Professional I strongly recommend Reception Academy:)

    I am very happy and I will do another course Written 7th Feb 2017
  • Michela Porcu

    Thank you very much Reception Academy!! A special thank to Daniel. Wonderful experience with amazing people. Studying at Reception Academy was one of the best choices that I have ever made. I would highly recommend it to all those people who wants to start a career in the Hospitality Industry. There is no better place :-)

    There is no better place :-) Written 7th Feb 2017
  • Ana Silva

    I just completed a 4 week course with Reception Academy, and it was the best decision I ever made! A big thank you to my trainer Daniel!, he was fantastic, always pushing us to be better and to believe in ourselves! Our ceremony was on the past Friday and one day before I had already a job to start on a following Monday! I extremely recommend it, you wouldn't regret your choice!

    A big thank you to my trainer Daniel Written 7th Feb 2017
  • Esteban Torres Rueda

    An amazing experience. I have learnt a lot of things. Thank you very much to our trainer Daniel and to all the staff,really good people with a very high knowledge of the industry.

    An amazing experience Written 7th Feb 2017
  • Giusy Vitale

    I have literally loved this course. I spent such lovely time in the class with my classmates and our teacher, Ramin. He is an excellent trainer who loves his job so much and because of this you can learn a lot from him. I wish all of my teacher had been like him. We have learnt, having fun at the same time. I really recommend reception academy.

    I have literally loved this course Written 7th Feb 2017
  • Anca Dragan

    A big round of applause to all this people that had the idea to make such a successful course. I didn't expect that much but I received a lot. Thank you Ramin for your wisdom, patient and encouragement. You are a real example and I would like, one day maybe, to became a good teacher as you are. Thank you again! Maybe I'm not good but from now on for sure I am FANTASTIC!! A new future is coming up!! Good luck to all my friends from the course! Love you all

    I didn't expect that much but I received a lot. Written 7th Feb 2017
  • Rosa Amato

    I attended the Hotel Receptionist & Opera course last December and I am very happy about it. I want to thank Pierre for his suggestions and support during and after the course. I definitely would recommend to join Reception Academy to anyone! :-)

    I definitely would recommend to join Reception Academy to anyone! Written 7th Feb 2017
  • Cristina Patanghel

    I just love Reception Academy, is incredible how much i've learned in 4 weeks , our trainer, Ramin is so profesional, explains everything so good, makes us laughing every day so is a pleasure to come to classes. I truly recomended to everyone who want s to improve , this is the best choice, i will allways remeber : " if you can't be GOOD , be FANTASTIC " A big THANK YOU to Ramin, and all the crew, you are FANTASTIC as well .

    I just love Reception Academy Written 1st Feb 2017