Hospitality English Language 2 Week Course

Hospitality English Language 2 Week Course

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Hospitality English Language

This interactive Hospitality English classroom course is designed for individuals looking to develop their professional language and conversational skills, specifically for use within the hospitality and customer service sector.

During this two (2) week classroom based course you improve your understanding of hospitality terminology and focus on real life situations you will face whilst working in hotels.

Using our expertise within the industry, we have tailored a course desired by Hospitality recruitment professionals that will prepare you to start and succeed in your chosen career.

Created in line with 5* UK Hotel industry standards and taught by a Hospitality professional, the course is filled with fun exercises, interesting conversations and useful activities from our state of the art training room.

Students will be given the opportunity to learn and practise structures and vocabulary used in the industry, and develop a practical understanding of working in Hospitality in a supportive classroom environment. The course starts at a basic to lower intermediate level of English, aiming to reach an upper intermediate level by the end of the course. For those students that progress faster, additional, more demanding exercises are provided.

Most importantly you will take away with you the expertise to continue developing your professional career.

Classes have a maximum of 12 students to ensure you get the most out of your training with us.

Designed to fit in conveniently with the 4 week Hotel Receptionist course, you can combine these courses to develop your skills and increase your chances of finding work quickly.

Course Material covered:

UK 5* Hotel essential language skills:

✅ Welcoming guests

✅ Holding a conversation

✅ Follow up conversations

✅ Conversations in a lift

✅ Small talk

✅ Communication between departments

✅ Telling the time

✅ Giving directions

✅ Floor levels

✅ Dates

✅ Phone conversations

✅ Recommending places to visit

✅ Show round language

✅ Essential hotel vocabulary

✅ Phonetics

✅ Intonation

✅ Language used at the Reception Desk

✅ Check-Out vocabulary & conversations

✅ Language used in the Restaurant

✅ Up-selling services & facilities

✅ Language used by Sales & Marketing

✅ Describing a room/room categories

✅ Language used by Reservations

✅ Taking a booking

✅ Selling a room

✅ Language used by Housekeeping

✅ Special occasions

✅ Language used in Accounts

✅ Obtaining Method Of Payment (MOP)

✅ Explaining the bill

✅ Checking guest satisfaction

✅ Handling difficult situations & complaints

✅ British English versus American English

✅ Forbidden service phrases

✅ Use of positive language

✅ Employment vocabulary

✅ Basic interview phrases

✅ Conflict in the workplace

Methods of learning:

  • Student voice recordings
  • Intonation checks
  • Voice recognition exercises
  • Tutorial videos
  • Visual exercises
  • Listening exercises
  • Dictations
  • Pronunciation checks
  • Conversations
  • Interactive language games
  • Use of Reception Academy Workbook
  • Phonetic alphabet (universal alphabet)


Weekday Course:

  • £199 – This rate is the discounted rate which must be paid in full at the point of booking
  • £299 – This rate may be paid in three instalments of £99.67

Included in the price:

✅ Reception Academy stationery to utilise during the course.

✅ Certification of completion

✅ Full access to our hotel connections and network of over 1400 employers

✅ Life-time career support

✅ Complimentary tea and coffee

✅ Thirty (30) hours of training with qualified teacher

Course times available:

Weekday Course:

  • Monday – Friday 08:30 – 11:30 or 12:00 – 15:00 or 16:30 – 19:30 – 2 weeks

More Information

To learn more about studying at Reception Academy and how we can help you to get a head-start in hospitality, view our Student and Hotel videos or contact us if you have any further queries.

Why not come and visit us in person at Reception Academy? We would be delighted to show you around and answer any further questions you may have. Just let us know when you would like to visit and we can arrange a date and time that suits you best.

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  • Elena Delaurenti Giulia

    I've attended Hospitality English Language 2 weeks ago and I find it really helpful. Ramin, our teacher, is very patient, kind and careful. Also the simulation helped me to be more confident with some little situations that can make the different between be a normal and an exceptional receptionist and was what I expected from the course. All the environment is serious and competent. Really Fantastic experience! Thank you Ramin, thank you Reception Academy!

    Really Fantastic experience! Written 21st Mar 2017
  • Dear Ramin I would like to thank you for your amazing lessons. I’ve never learned so much on a course and had so much fun – and I say that for everyone on the course. For sure i can say that it was the best decision to do the english course with you in london. Many Thanks to all of you Reception Academy!

    Best decision to do the english course Written 10th Feb 2017
  • Zharko Petrushevski

    Hi Ramin! I 've always enjoyed in your lessons. Your pronunciation is fantastic and I'm grateful because of you I'll improve my speech. I'm delighted with my course of Hospitality English language!

    Splendid English course Written 17th Jan 2017
  • Anna Jakimiuk

    Reception Academy you are Great!!! Really thank you for everything. When I decided to join Hospitality English course I was not sure is it a good decision. Now I know it was 100% right. This course really helps to improve language skills and understand many things. Our teacher Ramin was always professional, ready to help and explain evrything. His advises are really useful and helpful. I hope i will come back to you soon :-)

    This course really helps to improve language skills Written 19th Dec 2016
  • Erzsebet Egyhazy

    Maybe it seems too boring to read again among the reviews that "it was one of best decision in my life..." but the fact is that IT WAS REALLY ONE OF MY BEST DECISION IN MY LIFE SO FAR! I applied for two courses, Hotel Receptionist and Opera system and Hospitality English. I can tell that I am totally satisfied with the result. The education is hotel centralized, mainly of course about Front Office (theory, IT system, Practise). Additionally we got very useful information regarding the interviews and CV writing moreover got a great jobseeker service. During one month I learnt a lot and got new friends. I have already missed some of them. Ramin is my trainer in case both courses. Ramin is excellent in his profession, supportive and helpful mentor but everyone need to study a lot if want to become an exceptional Receptionist! See you soon on the Hotel Management course! So Guys..the choice and the decision are in your hand! Go for it! Liz

    See you soon on the Hotel Management course! Written 19th Dec 2016
  • Vlad Gabriel Nedelcu

    Reception Academy is without a doubt the best decision I have ever made!!! I enrolled on two courses, the Receptionist & Opera V5 Course and Hospitality English class. The classes are extremely fun and intense at the same time. All the trainers are fantastic including my trainers Pierre and Ramin. The level of commitment and hard work towards their students is amazing and I would like to thank them for their help and support. I highly recommend Reception Academy for those who want to begin a new career in the hospitality industry because of the fantastic experiences and opportunities that they will get in the future.

    The level of commitment and hard work towards their students is amazing Written 10th Nov 2016
  • I would like to recommend the Reception Academy to anyone that want to start a career in Hospitality. I did a Hospitality English course which is well designed and very helpful. The Reception Academy it's very organized and professional. I would like to thank my trainer @Ramin, you're a FANTASTIC teacher and definitely exceeded my expectations! Like you you always said* IF YOU CAN'T BE GOOD BE FANTASTIC! I'm looking forward to do another course soon ;) Thanks

    If you can't be good be funtastic! Written 23rd Aug 2016
  • Hospitality English Language Course (2 weeks) was an amazing experience in a really professional and friendly environment. I was helped to improve my English skills and I was given a basic knowledge of hospitality language, both things in the same course, excellent!!! A special thanks goes to teacher Ramin, a very nice, professional and inspiring person who loves his job and works with passion. I strongly recommend this course to all people who desire to work, or already work, as receptionist. Good luck!!!

    Really useful course! Written 20th Mar 2016
  • Hi there! Here I'm just completed the 2 weeks course of Hospitality English! It's safe to say this was the best decision I've ever made! I've learned so many useful tips to improve my English! I would like to thank Ramin our incredible teacher for the inspirational words everyday day! To those of you who still thinking to take course with Reception Academy I'll say just do it! It's such a nice experience! And last but not least If you can't be good be fantastic!Thank you indeed Ramin

    It's such a nice experience! Written 18th Mar 2016
  • Bernadett Kovacs

    My experience with the Hospitality English course at the Reception Academy is 5*! I learned lots of new things I can use in the future and help me to be more confident when I have to speak in English. I recommend this course everybody who wants to build a career in the hospitality industry! Lots of thanks to our teacher Andrew Tivnan! He is a real smiley face! Motivated and professional person! He is for his students and always has time for your questions!

    My experience with the Hospitality English course at the Reception Academy is 5*! Written 26th Jan 2016
  • I had one of the greatest experiences ever. I attended the 2 weeks morning class of Hospitality English Language with Ramin as a trainer and we had a really great time. He was always positive and professional. Every information came to us so smoothly and every day you were leaving the Academy with a new knowledge that you could use straight away in your work place. I suggest it to all!!

    Reception Academy October Graduate - I had one of the greatest experiences ever. Written 22nd Oct 2015
  • I have finished 2 weeks Hospitality English Course at Reception Academy.During those 2 weeks I improved my English,learned a lot about hospitality terminology and focused on real life situations in hospitality too.I'd like to say Thanks to amazing teacher Ramin Semsar

    Reception Academy August Graduate - I learned a lot about hospitality terminology and the course focused on real life situations Written 17th Aug 2015
  • Antonella Tibò

    I just finish the amazing two weeks of Hospitality English course here at the Reception Academy. I want just to say thank you very much at My teacher Ramin Semsar for all the advice. I decided to attend this course to improve my pronunciation. After these two weeks I fell more confident with my English. Thank you again Ramin. It was great met you and all my classmates

    Reception Academy August Graduate - After these two weeks I fell more confident with my English Written 12th Aug 2015
  • Adriana Monica Costache

    "Do it with passion or not at all!" Many thanks to Ramin Semsar for excellent support and guidance.I have a certificate of completion of Hospitality English Language course. RAMIN trained us to the highest technical and behavioural standards to face the guests. Thank you again for everything RAMIN!You are amazing! I am very happy with the results after the course.BOOK NOW

    Reception Academy August Graduate - I am very happy with the results after the course.BOOK NOW Written 12th Aug 2015
  • Roxana Rau

    After 6 weeks spent with Reception Academy (4 at Reception course and 2 at English course) I have to say that was the most beautiful experience from my life and I'm very happy and proud for choosing these amazing courses where I had the opportunity to learn from the most dedicated trainers, but also I'm sad because it's over. For me every day spent with Reception Academy team was a pleasure and believe me because I have not missed any day. I really recommend everyone do not hesitate to do any courses with Reception Academy they are THE BEST Thank you very much Nathalie, Rami and of course THANK YOU Daniel.

    Reception Academy February Graduate - I really recommend everyone do not hesitate to do any courses with Reception Academy they are THE BEST Written 23rd Mar 2015
  • Ivana Karcolova

    I had Amazing experience with English hospitality course ,it helped me a lot. During two weeks I improved my understanding of hospitality terminology, it gave me lots of confidence with speaking, I always looked forward for lessons because we had so much fun. Nathalie Deline-Mullis was always smiley, happy to answer all questions and help with whatever we needed....this course is great!!!!!

    Reception Academy January Graduate: "I had Amazing experience with English hospitality course ,it helped me a lot." Written 16th Feb 2015
  • "Hospitality English Language" at Reception Academy is a fantastic course! 'It's perfect for that people who want to improve their professional language. The course is full of activities and excercises. Nathalie, the teacher, is simply great! She is very professional and is always more than happy to help her students! I really recommend this course!!!

    Reception Academy January Graduate: "I really recommend this course!!!" Written 30th Jan 2015
  • Thank you so much reception academy. I had a great experience in two weeks course (hospitality English course) I meet good people, I learn a lot in two weeks because there's a lot of activity and role play its all about hotel with useful dialogue. Teach us also how to speak with people in a professional way. And very very big thank you to Nathalie.

    Reception Academy January Graduate: "For those who wants to develop their English language what you waiting for?" Janemark Quesada Written 26th Jan 2015
  • Panagiotis Mergiannis

    I did also the Hospitality English course and I would like to express my satisfaction about my decision to take part in it. The structure of the course is very dense with a lot of activities and role plays. The book is detailed and very well documented. It covers all the departments of a Hotel with rich vocabulary, very useful dialogues and dozens of tips. Of course the biggest asset of the course is Nathalie. She gives all her precious experience and energy to the students on and on. I am sure that Hospitality English course at Reception Academy creates history!!

    I am sure that Hospitality English course at Reception Academy creates history!! Written 23rd Jan 2015
  • I joined the Hospitality English Course and is the perfect Course to build your confidence and strengths in a Hospitality vocabulary! I enjoyed doing the course and certainly gained wonderful knowledge and experience. It was a very positive and enriching experience and I learnt a lot.My tutor Nathalie went out of her way to supply me with extra information when I had a question or was stuck. Her explanations were always clear.I strongly recommended !!!!

    I strongly recommended !!!! Written 23rd Jan 2015