Boost Your Career with OPERA Training

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Industries across the globe are leveraging complex but efficient technologies to improve processes and increase customer satisfaction. The hospitality industry is no exception. If you have your sights set on a career in hospitality, you will need proficiency in one particular software package to prove your value to potential employers:...

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Entry Level Doesn't Mean Zero Experience

female hotel receptionist

Entry level can mean different things in different industries. For many people, working an entry-level job means being able to walk in with virtually no experience and learn on the job. Not so much for many of the major hotel brand groups. The big names in the hotel industry, including...

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7 Reasons You’ll Love a Career in Hospitality

Receptionist and guests at hotel

As the economy continues to recover from the 2008 recession, many people are looking not just for a job, but a career they will enjoy that offers real progression But where can you find a career that provides such growth especially if you re just starting out or starting fresh...

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Why University Is Not Always The Answer

For young people, choosing the right path for a career can be stressful and challenging. In today s job market, the message that often comes across is that anyone can get an entry-level job, but in reality, to build a career you must pursue higher education. However, does that always...

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