5 Top Tips to a Successful Interview with a Hotel Hiring Manager!

hotel hiring manager

In previous blog posts, we have discussed the importance of first impressions and customer service in the hospitality industry. In order to get your first job in hospitality, you ll need to wow your potential employers from the first moment they meet you, just as you will need to wow...

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Day in the Life of a Hotel Receptionist

hotel receptionist

Most hospitality professionals start their careers in receptionist positions. Let s take a quick look at a Day in the Life of hotel receptionists and see what it s like working in their shoes. The basic daily run-down Most hotel receptionists will arrive 15 minutes early for their shifts to...

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3 Principles of Customer Service Excellence — and What Not to Do!

Monty Python Skit

You've been a hospitality customer before; we've all had the experience of walking into a hotel, resort, or restaurant and being snuffed, ignored, or talked-down to by inexperienced or unprofessional staff. On the flip side, we've all been the recipients of warm, engaging, and sophisticated customer service from well-trained employees...

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Break into the Hospitality Industry in the UK


If you've ever considered a career in hospitality, you're in luck: The industry is booming, particularly in the U.K., as hospitality is the fourth-largest industry with 300,000 current job opportunities. In 2012, 24.3 million people visited the top five U.K. attractions. Thanks to London's international appeal as a top tourist...

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