How to deal with overbooking

Research revealed that during the first four months of 2016, there was an average cancellation rate of 19 . While hotels will rarely overbook by more than 2 , it is perhaps not surprising that many hotels will do this as often as possible in order to maximise revenue. But...

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What makes successful people successful?

Success -- we probably all have our own ideas of what this looks like, but how do we achieve it ourselves It can be easy to look at successful people and think that it is down to luck that they are where they are today. But some of the most...

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Property Management System comparison and why Opera PMS is the No.1

Hotel staff play a vital role in ensuring guests have an enjoyable stay. But a good Property Management System PMS can help make your job even easier. While there are other systems available, Opera is the most used PMS Hotel Software in the world due to its high functionality and...

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