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About Us

Reception Academy was established in 2008 by a team of hospitality professionals with years of experience in the luxury hotel sector. Their aim was to help individuals to overcome one of the biggest obstacles when trying to start a new career. This challenge has always been and still is: "without experience, you can't get a job and without a job, you can't get experience".

It was time for us to change that

With our in-depth knowledge of the industry, we began to explore ways of how this hurdle could be overcome. The result was a fantastic hands-on course, tailored to the needs of real companies in an environment that was safe yet an exact replica of the real workplace.

In the first test run of the course, it was found that graduates were so well trained that they outperformed employees with real-life experience. We knew then that we had created the perfect career starter course.

After two more years of rigorous planning, testing, refining, and co-operation with the best and biggest players in the industry, we finally decided to offer our courses to the general public.

What happened since?

Today, we have students working in almost every single hotel in London and dotted around in the UK and Europe. Employers range from Hilton, The Ritz, The Savoy to Marriott, Park Plaza, Radisson, and Holiday Inn - just to name a few.

But we didn't stop there

Our Hotel Reception graduates were so successful that soon we received requests from the corporate sector for Corporate Receptionists and Medical Receptionists for the medical sector.

We are proud to say that graduates from these courses are just as successful as our Hotel Reception graduates and now work in companies such as Rapport, Portico, Office Concierge, ISS, JLL, Harley Medical, and the NHS - just to name a few.

We are serious about your future - are you?

In today's world, it becomes ever more difficult to find a training provider that truly cares about you. So here are a few reasons why you should trust us with your career:

  • We are highly specialised in the training of front line reception staff
  • We are well known and connected to some of the best companies in the world
  • We have trained over 6000 students in the last 8 years and have a success rate of 95%
  • We keep class size to 12 students to ensure each student is looked after
  • We are accredited by the prestigious Institute of Hospitality
  • Our training is updated every 6 months to reflect changes in the industry
  • We continue to support you long after the course is over
  • Over 57% of students return to the academy to take a second classroom course
  • Over 89% of students recommend us to their friends, families and colleagues
  • Our certificates are internationally recognised

We believe in our training and our ability to get you into a job that you'll love but don't take our word for it. Read reviews on Facebook, Trustpilot, Google or our own Testimonial page.

Why do we specialise in reception courses?

To answer this question, we first have to ask you a question: "Would you buy bread from a car mechanic"? The answer is probably no and your reason for saying no is most likely that a car mechanic is specialised in fixing cars, not making bread. If you wanted a bread, you would go to a bakery. It is no different with training.

There are so many training companies out there trying to cover every topic in the world and yet they are not specialised in anything. We know we are no good at making bread but we do know that we are experts in training passionate individuals for a reception career. We have been doing this for years and our success in getting graduates into work confirms this. Yes, we could probably make a lot more money by offering hundreds of other, unrelated courses but we rather stick to what we know and what we are best at.

Why do you mainly offer classroom courses?

Learning a new skill is not always simple and you need support and practice if you want to be able to successfully start a new career from scratch. Yes, you can learn certain theoretical aspects of a new job online but let's be honest it is rarely fun or effective and it certainly will not give you the hands-on experience you need if you are serious about your career ambitions.

Ask yourself "Can you really learn to drive a car by completing a simple online course?" Most certainly not! You have to physically sit in the car, feel what it is like to steer and drive on the roads and learn what challenges you may face; the instructor safely by your side to give you a helping hand and guidance when needed. The same can be said about wanting to learn a new profession.

Remember, once employed by a company you will be working with a very expensive software and real clients and visitors. No company will allow you to do so just because you completed a simple online course. Practicing on real visitors, without having received the right professional training beforehand, can damage a companies' reputation and your confidence. At Reception Academy we will help you build both, strong practical experience and confidence which will not only get you the job but help you to build the career you are aspiring to.

Why can an online course not prepare you for a real-life job?"

A lot of online training providers like to have you believe that their online courses or, at best, their one-day training courses get you ready for your dream job but the reality is far from it.

Would you board a flight where the pilot has only ever taken an online course? How about a doctor? Would you feel comfortable for a doctor to examine you when they learned their trade in a one day course? You probably say that they are very different jobs and you are right but the principle remains the same - if you want to be able to do a job well you need to take a training course that trains you well.

Have you ever tried cooking a dish from a recipe book? Everything is explained in great detail yet most of the time the dish will not turn out the same way it looks in the book. The difference between the book and a proper cooking class is simple - professional, hands-on guidance by a qualified instructor.

Why are Reception Academy graduates so much more successful with recruiters?"

Well, recruiters value your commitment. They know that you have taken your time and paid with your own money for a course that meets their requirements. This, in turn, means that you are serious about your future. You simply did not just apply for a job and expected your employer to train you - that makes all the difference and shows mutual respect.

On top of that, your training will save a recruiter valuable time and yes, money. If you had to recruit someone and you had a choice between someone that is trained to your standards and someone untrained, which person would you pick?

Having said all that, we go even further to ensure you are successful. Let's face it - getting trained for the job is just one aspect of our - your success. You can be the best-trained person, if you do not know how to perform in an interview, you may find it difficult to secure a job - even when you have a Reception Academy certificate. So we train all our students on interview questions and techniques. We also share recruitment secrets with you. This way we know you will impress. Our graduates secure a job after an average of just 2 interviews.

Why are courses not cheaper?

Classroom courses are more expensive because they involve the use of specialised equipment, provision of training materials and a real live trainer who will guide you and answer your questions.

We believe cost should not be a barrier to achieving your potential, that is why we keep our fees as low as possible and offer affordable installment options and Advanced Purchase rates.

Start your new Career from as little as £45.79 a month. Easy Repayment Plans are now available.

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