Opera PMS Hotel Software Essentials 1 Day Course

Opera PMS Hotel Software Essentials 1 Day Course

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This one day Opera PMS course will teach you the essentials of this very popular hotel software followed by practice sessions behind our replica hotel reception desk.

During this fun, hands-on and interactive training course we will focus on the basics of:

✅ Making a Reservation

✅ Check-In

✅ Check-Out

You will practice on the real Opera PMS system and get plenty of opportunity to sharpen your skills in the use of this widely popular hotel software.

This course is ideal for anyone under time constraints and those wishing to get an initial insight and basics of Opera PMS hands-on.

For anyone wishing to delve in deeper, we suggest our 5 Day Opera PMS Advanced course where we teach more advanced functionality such as Opera PMS Options, Billing, Traces and much more. For a full list of topics of this advanced course please click here.

This one day Opera PMS Essentials course includes:

✅ Understanding the role of a Hotel Receptionist

✅ Making a basic Reservation

✅ Completing a basic Check-In

✅ Completing a basic Check-Out

✅ Use of Hotel Terminology

✅ Practice sessions behind our replica hotel reception desk

Why is this course not available as an online course?

Learning a new skill is not always simple and you need support and practice if you want to be able to successfully learn a complex hotel software from scratch. Yes, you can learn certain theoretical aspects by looking at print screens of a system online but let's be honest it is rarely fun or effective and it certainly will not give you the hands-on Opera PMS experience you need if you are serious about your career development.

Maybe the following example will make it clearer why taking an online course will not prepare you for a job in the hotel industry:

Ask yourself "Can you really learn to drive a car by completing a simple online course?" Most certainly not! You have to physically sit in the car, feel what it is like to steer and drive on the roads and learn what challenges you may face; the instructor safely by your side to give you a helping hand and guidance when needed. The same can be said about wanting to learn the Opera PMS Hotel Software. It simply is not something you can learn by watching a short video.

The Cost of this course:


  • £139: Weekday course, this amount must be paid in full upfront
  • £199: Weekend course, this amount must be paid in full upfront

Included in the price:

✅ Reception Academy stationery to utilise during the course.

✅ Certification of completion

✅ Full access to our hotel connections and network of over 1400 employers

✅ Life-time career support

✅ Complimentary tea and coffee

Course timings:

Weekday Course London:

  • This course is run over a full day and the course starts at 09:30 and finishes at 18:00 (including breaks)

Weekend Course London:

  • Saturday or Sunday, 09:30-18:00 (including breaks)

More Information

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