Hotel Receptionist & Opera V5 4 Week Course or 9 Weekends

Hotel Receptionist & Opera V5 4 Week Course or 9 Weekends

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Hotel Receptionist & Opera PMS V5

This popular classroom course, unlike other online courses offered, has been designed for individuals looking to begin a career in the Hospitality industry. Our training ensures you have all the essential skills needed to be an exceptional Hotel Receptionist, leading to potential employment in Hotels worldwide.

Our four (4) week course covers standard Hotel procedures, introduction to Opera Property Management System (Opera PMS V5), Brand-standards of 5* Hotels and is followed by hands on practical sessions behind a replica desk in a state of the art training room, where newly learnt skills are put into practice. All classroom sessions are taught and observed by experienced Trainers.

At the Academy it is our goal to ensure you acquire the essential skills under our guidance and set you on the right path for your future. This classroom course is tailored to meet the requirements of individuals with no previous Hotel Receptionist experience. Consequently anyone from any professional background, nationality or age is welcome to join the course.

Upon completion of the course a profile is created on our website for each graduate consisting of their CV, a professional photograph, contact details and their preferences for employment. Our partnered hotels are granted exclusive access to these profiles in order to find suitable applicants for their vacancies.

As a result of close collaboration with our partnered hotels many of our graduates find employment upon completion of the four week course.

Taught by experienced instructors, this unique interactive classroom based 80 hour training, gives you an insight into the real working environment of Hotels.

Course Material covered:

UK 5* Hotel procedures and brand standards:

✅ Customer service procedures; Welcoming guests upon arrival and using correct terminology

✅ Checking guests in and out and all other booking/reservation procedures

Opera PMS Version 5 reservation system:

This course is to over 85% hands-on system training and you will get extensive Opera PMS practice on:

✅ Creating bookings

✅ Check–In and Check-Out

✅ Amending bookings

✅ Processing payments

✅ Sending confirmations

✅ Using Opera PMS Options

✅ Individual and Company Profiles

✅ Profile Notes and Guest History

✅ Recording complaints

✅ Guest preferences and special requests

✅ Early arrivals and late departure procedure

✅ Processing Cancellations

✅ Introduction to Hotel Accounts

Sales and guest interaction:

✅ Role play sessions using our replica Hotel Reception desk in our classrooms

✅ Becoming familiar with hotel terminology (specific language used in the UK)

✅ Learning to up-sell a room to a guest

✅ Guest complaint handling

Employment Assistance:

✅ CV writing skills; guidance on creating the correct CV for Hotels

✅ Interview techniques; guidance on how to perform in an interview

✅ Career path planning for a clear understanding of your future in the hospitality industry


Weekday Course:

  • £899 – This rate may be paid in three instalments of £299.67
  • £799 – This rate is the discounted rate which must be paid in full at the point of booking

Weekend Course:

  • £999 - This rate may be paid in three instalments of £333
  • £899 - This rate is the discounted rate which must be paid in full at the point of booking

Included in the price:

✅ Reception Academy stationary to utilise during the course.

✅ Access to our classrooms during the course, subject to availability

✅ Certification of completion

✅ Graduation ceremony in a 4*/5* star London Hotel

✅ Professional profiles on the Reception Academy website which is accessible to over 800 partnered hotels

✅ An e-copy of your customised Reception Academy CV

✅ An e-copy of your profile photo, in jpeg format

Course times available:

Weekday Course:

  • Monday – Friday 07:30 – 11:30 or 12:00 – 16:00 or 16:30 – 20:30 – 4 weeks

Weekend Courses:

  • Saturday or Sunday 09:30 – 18:00 – 9 weekends (Cost of Weekend course is £899 in full on the day of booking or £999 in three payments of £333)


Dress Code;

Please note that we require you to wear a conservative style suit on three (3) occasions, the photo, practical exam and graduation days.

On the first day and all other “non suit days” please feel free to wear anything you feel comfortable in. Your trainer will provide you with “suit day” dates in one of your first lessons


Reception Academy London

Coppergate House
16 Brune Street
London E1 7NJ Nearest Station: Liverpool Street Station


  • Carla Inglés Deval

    I loved doing this course . Great teacher and learning. We have made many practical cases and we have put in real situations of a hotel. Moreover, since the Academy provide great help to find work in hotels and contact them. Course highly recommended!

    Morning Course 2016 Written 6th Jul 2016
  • Verrill Fernandes

    Hi I would like to recommend anyone who is wanting to get a good knowledge about the functionality and working of a great receptionist to give Reception Academy a try as they really do an outstanding job in training and moulding each individual pursuing the course by teaching them the most up-to-date skills and professionality inorder to get into the hospitality. I thank Ramin my trainer for training me and all the other Reception Academy Staff.. Cudos

    I thank Ramin my trainer for training me and all the other Reception Academy Staff.. Cudos Written 4th Jul 2016
  • Chiara Taravella

    I joined Reception Academy for this course even if I already had experiences as Hotel Receptionist in my country of origin, and from the very first lesson I was amazed at seeing how many things I still can learn to improve my professionality to work in London. The experienced teacher: Mr Ramin Semsarilar really puts his effort in making the lesson interesting and maintaining the enthusiasm alive all day long! The Academy is clean and the lesson's room is just as seen in the pictures on the website, equipped with all is needed. So far I am more than happy to have found Reception Academy and enrolled for this course! Chiara

    Nine Weekends Course review Written 23rd Jun 2016
  • Mihaela Carmen Dediu

    Hello! Hotel Receptionist and Opera V5 training was one of the best choices in my life so far. I am very satisfied with the programm and I'm very glad that I had the opportunity to meet Ramin Semsarilar as a trainer. A big thank you for making class so enjoyable, for the wonderful ideas and motivating stories and for sharing your passion for hospitality with us. I highly recommend Reception Academy to anyone who is looking to advance their career in the Hospitality Industry.

    A big thank you for making class so enjoyable Written 9th Jun 2016
  • Mirela Stankova

    The knowledge, professionalism and friendly attitude of the staff are the right path to success. I would happily recommend RA to friends.

    I would happily recommend RA to friends. Written 7th Jun 2016
  • Nuria Hamdaoui Fernandez

    I would like to thank Reception Academy especially to my teacher Pierre for their support and their professionalism. The course is totally worth it and interesting. You can learn and practice the Opera PMS V5, as well as Hotel procedures. What I found most interesting is the graduation day where recruiters from hotels come to meet the students and you can get many interviews and some people even got hired that day. One week after I finished my course I singed mi contract with a hotel, so I just can say that I am very very Happy!

    The course is totally worth it and interesting Written 7th Jun 2016
  • Andreia Velic

    Hi there! I just want to suggest this course to other people too.Because this course help me to do something different and to make a change in my life,to do what I wanted to do,become a receptionist.Thanks to Reception Academy and specially to Andrew Tivnan,who teach me what i know now regarding the Hospitality Industry.

    This course help me to do something different and to make a change in my life Written 31st May 2016
  • Rita Juldaseva

    Dear Reception Academy:) Few yeas since I finished my course as a receptionist. I feel very ashamed as I never thanked you properly! You guys changed my life! Never thought I will have an opportunity to work in the city and call myself Personal Assistant! Daniel David was the most amazing tutor I have ever had in my life- THANK YOU! Feel blessed and appreciate all your efforts! Great academy, absolutely amazing people and definitely the best choice to make. Wish you lots of luck!!!

    You guys changed my life! Written 20th May 2016
  • Pietro Tripodo

    I can only say positive things about Reception Academy. They are amazing, a fantastic staff who works hard every day to offer us the chance to improve our knowledge and get many opportunities. They also have some facilities that help you to know and understand how this job is in real life. I have just finished the course and I have already received a lot of job offers. A particular and kind thought goes to Ramin, a lovely person and a fantastic trainer, that through is hard work and passion made it easier for us. I do recommend this school for every one who wants to change his life and have great opportunities. Thank you so much Reception Academy, thank you so much Ramin.

    I can only say positive things about Reception Academy Written 2nd May 2016
  • Emanuela Aiace

    Joining this course has been the best choice I have ever made in my Life.It helped me a lot to understand the procedures and the standards in the most important hotels and brands in the world.It gave me a new concept of hospitality, a great knowledge and a lot of practice.Not to mention that I met a fantastic group of friends there !!!! I strongly suggest to everyone who is going to approach to the hospitality industry to go to the Reception Academy.Our professor Daniel is fantastic!!! I don't know how but he was able to answer to all Our question,always with passion,patience and love. I don't even have the right words to describe this school,but seriously guys...DON'T MISS IT!!!! P.s.= we didn't finish the school yet and we already received calls from hotel for interviews. What can I say more ? THANK YOU BY HEART!!!

    Joining this course has been the best choice I have ever made in my Life Written 2nd May 2016
  • Adrian Mutu

    Hello All,

    I would like to give many thanks to all the staff in Reception Academy for helping and supporting everyone in the course. I graduated in March 2014 and in less than 2 years I have become a Reception Manager after starting as a receptionist.

    I got invited to an interview after,then, my Front of House Manager saw my profile on the website and since then with hard work and teamwork I managed to build a career in Hospitality from nothing.

    Many thanks to Daniel,my tutor at the time, and as well to Ramin and Pierre for all the support and the best experience and the start to my now growing career in this industry.

    I also did the Management course with Reception Academy that helped me a great deal as well in my career.

    I will highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to take the first step in the Hospitality industry and can not state enough how valuable this course is.

    I wish everyone the best of luck and all the best to the team.

    Kind Regards,


    Worth It and More Written 30th Apr 2016
  • Chiara Picalarga

    During the course I learned and practiced the most important topics that needs to be known before undertaking a job in the hospitality field. The tutors are fantastic, they are experts very prepared and they motivate you to do your best. And also it gives you lots of opportunities because after the course many hotels in London search receptionists form their website. I really suggest this course!

    Enjoyable and very usefull at the same time! Written 29th Apr 2016
  • Emanuela Pisoni

    On my graduation day I had the first interview; one week after then, a 4 Star Hotel offered me the Reception position .... A dream come true:) Reception Academy is a real opportunity to learn and finally working in Hospitality, a real tool perfectly managed by all the team: teachers and Administration department. I would like to express a particular thanks to my excellent teachers Pierre and Daniel for sharing with us their massive knowledge and experience in Hospitality Industry and supporting us any time.

    "A dream come true" Written 12th Apr 2016
  • Sonia Paez

    Three months ago I was reading the comments of the academy as you do now.I wanted to change my future.I never thought that come true. Every Saturday , was a great sacrifice , intense days . The best thing I've done was to make this course. Andrew is an excellent teacher, excellent professional . Days before my graduation I had the first interview. And the job was mine . Thanks to Reception Academy and especially thanks Andrew , for your patience and dedication . A huge kiss.

    Days before my graduation I had the first interview. And the job was mine. Written 1st Apr 2016
  • Mina Gerges

    That was one of the best things I ever did in my life really people working here are amazing they really working hard to make us the best I enjoyed it actually I loved it and really appreciate what they done to all of our group... I been with amazing group of students they were lovely as well and I have to say that the trainers were so good specially our trainer Pierre a huge thanks for him he supported us always.... Thanks for everyone working in Reception Academy

    I been with amazing group of students Written 1st Apr 2016
  • Giulia D'Arpa

    Here i am, after just one day! Thinking about the first day. 4 weeks course are 20 days...and it seams yesterday! It seams yesterday when i was surfing on this web site and i spoke with Martin for more information. It seams yesterday when i went to the academy and i spoke with Jade and i booked my course. It seams yesterday when i arrived for my first day and i hated my Giulia Passarelli because she took my favourite spot!! It seams yesterday when Andrew from quiet and anonymous trainer started with a "GOOOOOOD AFTERNOOOOOON EVERYBODY!!" and i was like " Is this crazy man our trainer?!?!". I've found a small little Italian family in this class. And foreign cousins from all over the world! It has been amazing attend this course. It has been an incredible experience! I will always remember it with a big smile! I am gonna miss even the small things: 20 minutes break (yeah....of course...20 minutes ahahah) Our tea/coffee before starting, asking every time to open the front door or the lift, one hour by tube to reach the academy, the lessons, Peppe and his crazy no-sense speech, Wendy, Dermont and his very gentleman manners, Leyla and her laugh, Hortense and her sweet voice (that we heard after one week and half), Corina and her questions, Oana and her smile, my Italian girls always ready to laugh and GOSSIP! And then Moreno, Sumaya,Elena! Fantastic people! I've really met fantastic people! And then? Well... of course, our Andrew Tivnan. Small guy, strong Man! With his smile, his patience and professionalism could rule the world! It hasn't been just a trainer, but more! Sometimes a friend (let's go out to drink!!), sometimes a brother (ooooh poor Giulia! Are you sick??? what happened???). Always ready to help, always ready to answer to our questions about the lessons even via what's app! That man is GREAT! I don't know the others trainers, but with my experienca i can tell.... when students get Andrew as trainer they will be very LUCKY! Thank you "Andrea"! Thank you Academy for this oportunity! Thank you guys to have been part of this adventure together!! :) I miss you already. See you around London. You will be impressed how small can be this city and how unpredictable can be life!

    Bossy Pants! :D

    It has been amazing attend this course Written 28th Mar 2016
  • Ruben Nunes

    Hi everyone, I would like to leave a message in here about Receptionist course that i attend. This course was a great experience for me it was worth every sacrifice i done. Since I came to London I have tried to develop step by step myself and Reception Academy it is part of that process. I would like to give a huge THANKS to all the team Reception Academy and Ramin Semsarilar that it is an excellent teacher and was very joyful person. All my class team mates congrats and i wish you the best luck for the future.

    For me it was worth every sacrifice i done. Written 21st Mar 2016
  • Liana Somkhishvili

    Hi there I am more than happy to say that reception academy was a wonderful experience ! My tutor whom I thought was absolutely incredible and highly motivating Mr Ramin Semsarian Made the course fun , exciting and easy to understand . It's rare you have tutors that really care and what made it even better was that Mr Ramin Semsarian was always willing to help even during his time off ! You will never feel lost or alone because there's 24/7 support ! All the staff is very friendly and kind and the course material structured very well . I got an interview at Hilton hotel the day I graduated ! It's really all worth it ! Highly recommend to you all !

    There's 24/7 support ! Written 16th Mar 2016
  • Giuliana Maria Faja

    Hi there! I'm more than happy to testify my experience with Reception Academy. I think that all team is brilliant, competent and willing. The course that I attended, Opera Pms, is definitely fantastic, I did enjoy very much and from the first day I thought that it was so interesting. They help me when I had difficulties in every possible way and today, on the Graduation day, I'm very satisfied and I'm impressed more and more with this Academy is serious and valid. Now, I have the possibility to start a career in hospitality and this is thanks to them. I suggest this course to everyone likes hospitality and want to find a job in this sector because they give you a great opportunity and is the best that you can find about hospitality. A special thank to Daniel and Ramin, my trainers!!

    Now, I have the possibility to start a career in hospitality Written 3rd Mar 2016
  • Panagiota Vatista

    Best experience ever lovely course, professional teachers , career starts from the day you finish.!!!! If you have not done it give it a chance!!!

    Best experience ever lovely course Written 3rd Mar 2016
  • Jose Luis Carbonell Alonso

    I have already finished my 4 week course. And it has been a great experience. I have learn a lot. Now in a few days I come back home again. I recommend the course! I would like to say that you have to study hard. The teachers are fantastic and with a great commitment as well towards the students.

    I recommend the course! Written 3rd Mar 2016
  • Natalie Gentili

    A month has just flown by! On the 26th of January I arrived in London and in February I started the 4 week Hotel Receptionist & Opera V5 course. On the 26th of February, at the Graduation Day, I was immediately offered a job and tomorrow I start work! This is simply amazing! I’d like to say a big thank you to my trainers Daniel and Ramin, who taught me both the theory and the practical skills needed. Most of all, I’m grateful for the passion and commitment to the industry which they have passed on to me. I hope that this is just the beginning of a great career.

    This is simply amazing! Written 3rd Mar 2016
  • Lovely de Guzman

    Taking the Hotel Receptionist and Opera V5 4 week course at Reception Academy was one of the best decisions I made! I was also fortunate to have been taught by three trainers, Daniel, Ramin and Pierre. Their optimism, enthusiasm and passion for the Hotel industry is portrayed exceptionally in the way they teach the classes. They are also supportive and make every effort to make sure that you understand what is being discussed in lesson. A big thank you Daniel, Ramin and Pierre! The course is very insightful and informative. It is the perfect course for those looking for a career into the hotel industry. I highly recommend taking the course! With smiles and if you're going to do the course, the very best of luck, Lovely

    It is the perfect course for those looking for a career into the hotel industry. Written 3rd Mar 2016
  • James Lackford

    I completed my course on 26th Feb this year after a fantastic 4 weeks of written and practical learning and practice. I had the pleasure of working with Daniel and Ramin both for 2 weeks each and can safely say they were brilliant at their job. Everything we needed to know we were taught, and both always made sure that if we had questions we asked them! Through this course I've been trained in a 5 star brand way to become an exceptional receptionist and can honestly say that I'm ready for the challenge. As for a future afterwards; I was incredibly lucky to be offered a job on the day of graduation which I accepted. Apart from that I managed to secure many business cards and had a few interviews already booked. The opportunities were right in front of me and it was down to me to take them. Reception Academy is a proven establishment in training you and giving you opportunities at a future job. I couldn't believe how interested hotels were in Academy students, you will be the top choices for hotels by taking this course. I would again like to thank everyone in my course for making it so enjoyable and to my teachers, a massive thank you to Daniel and Ramin for teaching and helping me.

    It's a proven course! Written 29th Feb 2016
  • Luisa Mancone

    Reception Academy is the best decision I've ever made!!! My 4 weeks training were absolutely fantastic! The course is perfectly built to teach everything you need to learn to feel ready, fully trained and confident to start a new career in the Hotel Industry and also to professionally and positively go trough all the interviews you will have at the end of the course:) Reception Academy really opens lot of opportunity to everyone wants to start a solid path in Hospitality! giving the chance to choose the best we want to take for our future career. I had Ramin as trainer, he was just amazing:) and Andrew for the biggest part of the course. I can tell I really enjoyed every single lesson with Andrew!He's absolutely fantastic!!! He as been friendly, very supportive with all of us, and professional always motivating us to get the best for our future. A very big Thanks to Andrew, Ramin, Pierre and all the Reception academy team to be so amazingly professional and supportive during and after the course at Reception Academy. I higly recommend Reception Academy to everyone, I will never be grateful enough to the new career I'm about to start thanks to them smile emoticon

    So amazingly professional and supportive during and after the course! Written 16th Feb 2016
  • Zoe Phillipou

    This course is perfect if you want to start your career in the hotel industry! Attending the Hotel Receptionist & Opera V5 course at Reception Academy was definitely the best thing I have ever done, I am so glad that I did it! I could not fault the course in any way. All the staff were so lovely and are all so passionate about helping each individual pursue their careers in hospitality. My trainer, Ramin, was fantastic! He was so friendly and made the sessions very fun. All the trainers have a lot of experience in the hotel industry so they are very knowledgeable. There is a lot to learn but Ramin taught us so clearly and ensured everyone understood everything. Another great thing about the course is that you meet a lot of people who are also passionate about starting their careers in the hotel industry. I have met so many great people from many different countries. Reception Academy has contacts with so many amazing hotels. After graduating on the 29th Jan, I received many phone calls to attend interviews. Today I accepted a job in a hotel that I really liked. Without Reception Academy it would not have been possible!

    Reception Academy has contacts with so many amazing hotels Written 8th Feb 2016
  • Marco Ruta

    Thanks Reception Academy. Reception Academy is really Professional , Serious, Intense , Challenging and of course, Funny as well, The teachers doing them job great, in particular Ramin, my teacher. He has a great heart for his students , he's really patient and he cares about hospitality he is taking everything seriously, and do his job Well, I'm learning a lot. I find this Academy really professional. Thanks Reception academy.

    I find this Academy really professional Written 8th Feb 2016
  • Olesea Pecica

    I just want to say I found exceptional people who give more than I expected. Reception Academy really is one step in our careers life, made in less time. I recommend everyone who want become receptionist and not only. Good luck at all! Love Reception Academy, you are the Best!

    Reception Academy really is one step in our careers life Written 8th Feb 2016
  • Noemi Szandra Csuka

    Attending Reception Academy's hotel receptionist and Opera 4-week course has been one of the most outstanding experiences of my life. Right from the first day I enjoyed the course and could feel that the others enjoyed it too. My coming into Reception Academy from day to day was enough to give me a feeling of professionalism and comradeship. Working in the group couldn't have been more fun, and even if a task was harder than we initially thought, we always had our enthusiastic, helpful, and endlessly patient trainer, Ramin Semsar, to guide us. He inspired us to always work harder, made us think about our possibilities and limitations, and gave us essential advice on how to benefit from the course material and our personality at the same time. His instructions and explanations were clear, and he continually provided us with constructive feedback. I will always be grateful for his personal career guidance and boost of confidence through which I gained enough strength to finally follow my dream without doubting my abilities. Now I definitely aim to be fantastic instead of simply being good enough, and what I can thank all this for is Reception Academy's exceptional training with its exceptional trainer, Ramin!

    Exceptional Training with an Exceptional Trainer Written 1st Feb 2016
  • Vittoria Pili

    My 4 weeks training with Reception Academy where absolutely fantastic! You get well prepared to start your career in a 4-5 stars hotel, you gain the confidence you need to prove once you apply for jobs and if you really want it you'll get your dream job. Also your trainers are always there to support you during the course and after that. A special thank to my trainer Ramin!

    My 4 weeks training with Reception Academy where absolutely fantastic! Written 1st Feb 2016
  • Ionela-Cristina Dinovici

    I had the pleasure to attend the Receptionist/Opera PMS with Ramin. I recommend this course to everyone who want to change his career. The course was amazing and all the staff are professional and friendly. Thank you Reception Academy!! Thank you Ramin for all your support!

    The course was amazing Written 1st Feb 2016
  • Angelo Cristaldi

    I Would like to Share my experience at the reception academy with all who wants to start this New experience was amazing .. All the staff are professional and friendly. Me and my wife have finished the R.A. In December and in just only 2 weeks we got the job. I'm working at holiday inn 4stars hotel In Kings cross and My wife at the holiday inn hotel in Regents Park . Thank you very very much,reception academy,we spent a wonderful time with you! Miss you so much. Angelo .

    All the staff are professional and friendly. Written 29th Jan 2016
  • Wilson M Nunes Oliveira

    It's sad the course is coming to an end, at the same time I feel extremely exciting looking forward for a new career. All thanks to a special trainer Ramin Semsar who made it possible. Thanks for all the hard work and time you put into training us which made it really easy for us too understand. Keep it up.

    It's sad the course is coming to an end Written 26th Jan 2016
  • Many Thanks at reception academy the best training for your Life! With us I had great time and the chance to learn and improve my English and I Hope, as soon as possible to come back for another course. Many thanks also our trainer Andrew!!!!

    I Hope, as soon as possible to come back for another course. Written 25th Jan 2016
  • Eva Giardina

    I recommend any one who's looking for a change of career in Hotel reception to go to this course. They take care of you from the moment you open the door until you leave. You have amazing advices, support and teachers are absolutely lovely! Definitely worthy. Thank you Reception Academy!

    They take care of you from the moment you open the door until you leave. Written 25th Jan 2016
  • Angela Palmieri

    Ciao ragazzi volevo riportarvi la mia esperienza. Il corso é veramente interessante e pratico. il team ê fantastico e ti aiuta in ogni fase del corso, ma la cosa che piú mi ha colpita ê stato il placement. Con il corso da receptionist di 4 settimane viene attivato un profilo online per 4 settimane e dal momento in cui sei online gli hotel iniziano a chiamare di continuo. Se volete un cambio di carriera ve lo consiglio caldamente e personalmente il mio tutor Daniel è estremamente professionale, se potete fatelo con lui.

    Wonderfull experience Written 19th Jan 2016
  • Christian Ciurleo

    I simply wanted to thank the whole team of Reception Academy ! I am kinda late with this but what I will tell you all now is that everything, and I mean, EVERYTHING I have learned here is experienced and applied in my everyday job and has pretty much defined my future and my aspirations ! This team here of funny and very professional kind hearted people has given me such a big chunk of knowledge of the industry that I feel greatful every day I encounter new situations on the fly where I can apply all this ! Ladies & Gentlemen, everything you learn here is 100 % the truth, even the words in between never said. If you ever think to enter this industry then please, do yourself a favor and join these lessons ! They will benefit you so much that even after years you want to have a look at your notes made during class back in time ! And be aware : NOBODY paid me to state all this! Again, thank you all ! It was a pleasure and thanx especially to you Ramin, Pierre & David, I really loved your professionalism, honesty & sarcasm regarding & about the industry ! A big hug to the admin team, too !!! Be safe ! We'll meet again.

    If you ever think to enter this industry then please, do yourself a favor and join these lessons! Written 15th Jan 2016
  • Lisa Caltabiano

    Would like to recommend Reception Academy to everyone who wants to take a very important step to the amazing world of hospitality. Reception Academy is the best choice you can make! A big thanks to Pierre that was Professional,patience and very friendly with my class..I will miss everyone ...I really recommend this course, but it's necessary to study hard!Thanks for everything...Lisa

    Reception Academy is the best choice you can make! Written 21st Dec 2015
  • Adrienn Klucso

    I finished the course 1 month before. I found my place at the London Elizabeth Hotel at Lancaster Gate :) 1,5 weeks ago I went there for an interview with the director and he was calling the General Manager immediately, they bought were so happy that I finished the course! Job is mine ???? Next day I started the trial, and in this week already my name was in the rota :) Since than I working there. Is a small but busy boutique hotel with 49 nice rooms, we are using Opera, We have very lot phone calls, we working a lot with travel agency reservations. Perfect place to get practice! I have kind colleagues. The hotel has 2 sister hotels the Tophams Hotel and the Colonnade Hotel. I'm very happy because I'm a receptionist! I would like to say very very big thank you again for everything! You all are the best! Wish you all the bests, and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

    You all are the best! Written 21st Dec 2015
  • Mara Gatto

    2 weeks = 2 job offers = NOW I HAVE A JOB!!! I started this class because like everybody I wanted to start a new job in hospitality business. Along through that I had my concern because I was thinking to not make it. I had so many question in my head every time that I was stepping in class and Ramin ( my trainer ) could understand that by just looking me in the face. He always found the right word to say to everything! We went through 9 weekends together and he never stopped answering our question even if they were the same, he gave us many suggestions and many advice and as he always said you have to do your research! If you want something be sure that you REALLY want it, you have to give your 100% in this course because the same passion that you put in it it's the same that's gonna get you a job. Remember never say OH MY GOD but OH MY RAMIN!

    My trainer always found the right word to say to everything! Written 18th Dec 2015
  • Cristina Jecan

    Thank you Reception Academy for all your support and for your dedication!!It was an amazing experience!! Tomorrow is my first day as a Receptionist at Double Tree by Hilton hotel. Thank you Andrew and Pierre, such a professional and amazing team!! I will recommend Reception Academy for everyone who wants to start a career in hospitality industry!!!

    Thank you Andrew and Pierre, such a professional and amazing team Written 16th Dec 2015
  • Alina Sirghie

    I can say that Reception Academy was the best decision that I made on my life. I wasn't so sure at the beginning of the course that we can learn so many things in only 4 weeks and find a job so quickly but after finishing Reception Academy I was really happy for all the good things that happened to me during the course and after. So many thanks to my teachers Daniel and Pierre. They are really amazing. Someone said that Pierre is like a teddy bear ready to give you a hug or just put a smile on your face anytime and he said the truth. Do not hesitate the opportunity to learn about Hospitality with Reception Academy. You will enjoy every minute to learn and have fun. Thank you, Reception Academy !

    Do not hesitate the opportunity to learn about Hospitality with Reception Academy Written 16th Dec 2015
  • Salvatore Volpe

    Thank You very much Reception Academy . I did the receptionist course in September and I graduated in October. My Trainers were Pierre and Andrew , thank you guys for your professionalism and all your suggestions . I found a job after 1 month more or less since the end of the course in Barbican THE MONTCALM AT THE BREWERY LUXURY BOUTIQUE HOTEL 5 STARS ... Nice Experience with all of you guys ... !

    Thank you guys for your professionalism and all your suggestions Written 14th Dec 2015
  • Alessandro Calore

    I was very happy about what I learned during the lessons and the way how my teacher Ramin taught us all the information about opera system and how we have to approach a guest coming in a 5 stars hotel. This was the right way to find the job I wanted to do. Thanks again to my teacher Ramin and all the reception academy staff.

    The right place to build you career Written 12th Dec 2015
  • Angelika Wrazidlo

    Wonderful Experience!!! I make my dream come true! I gained a lot of experience at Reception Academy with wonderful teacher Andrew Tivnan and Pierre-Cedric Runacher. I would like to go back and study again as was so amazing and so much fun, but also a lot of hard job. Thank you guys for amazing school!!!

    I would like to go back and study again Written 10th Dec 2015
  • Viviana Di Leonardo

    I want to thank Reception Academy for their great courses and wonderful trainers! I had the pleasure to attend the “Receptionist/Opera PMS” 9 weeks course with Ramin, and the Hospitality English Course with Andrew (and Ramin as well!). Both the courses were amazing, very well organized and useful; the perfect mixture of theoretical and practical knowledge, with a lovely amount of laughter and lightness when needed! Thanks to our trainers and the experience they shared with us, I feel confident with my Opera and Brand Standards/Procedures knowledge as well as with my “Hospitality English”, and I’m ready to find the Hotel that suits me best! Besides of being a wonderful learning and training experience, it also gave me the chance to meet a lot of wonderful people and some great friends! I will surely miss the weekly appointment with Ramin, and the daily one with Andrew, but I’m sure we will keep in touch! I would definitely recommend your courses to every person out there who wants to grab the chance and change their life's path/career! Thank you, it has been amazing!

    Thank you, it has been amazing! Written 8th Dec 2015
  • Martina Vlacilova

    Reception Academy is one of many things worth doing! I feel amazing and confident about what I have learnt during the 9 weeks of Sunday class. Ramin as our trainer has been so lovely, friendly and very supportive to all of us. His passion about hospitality is such a big motivation which made me to be more interested in this field. I honestly would recommend this course to all my friends and potential students. Even our final exams were so relaxed and friendly. Obviously, we all were nervous but that is a part of exams in general. Finally, I would like to thank to Reception Academy and especially Ramin for such great experience! I totally love what you do! Thank you for helping me to make a step forward into my future. As Ramin would say: 'If you can't be good, be FANTASTIC'

    As Ramin would say: 'If you can't be good, be FANTASTIC' Written 7th Dec 2015
  • Kirsty Johnson

    Best thing I have ever done, loved every minute of it. I had Ramin as my tutor and he is a great inspiration and a lovely caring man who has guided me well. He gives sooo much support and he represents this industry well. Hope I can take all he has taught me and use it as good as he does and although I was nervous in my final exam I had Andrew as my guest and he helped make it less nervous and more pleasant wish I could do it all again I don't want this journey to end I have met soo many amazing people.

    Best thing I have ever done, loved every minute of it. Written 7th Dec 2015
  • Federica Scorsoni

    Thank you RA, I loved my month course! I won't forget what I learnt through interactive lessons,practice,tests and role plays into an amusing atmosphere thanks to the great tutor Andrew and my classmates :-) One week later I graduated I was hired by a 5* hotel! Thank you to all the staff, I hope to see you again for next course which i am sure will be as great as the one I already took

    Thank you RA, I loved my month course! Written 7th Dec 2015
  • Lee Birtle

    One of the best decisions I have ever made was signing up for the 'Hotel Receptionist & Opera V5' course with Reception Academy. Graduated just over a week ago and the amount of interview requests and job offers I have received during that time is absolutely incredible! I have accepted a job offer from 'Sodexo' as a FOH Coordinator. Brilliant hours, salary and overall a fantastic company. Really excited to my new job on Thursday!! Throughout the course I have met so many great people and made such good friends. Some will be staying in London, others will be going back to their own countries but I'm sure we will all be keeping in touch. Andrew Tivnan has been an absolutely amazing teacher! Not only is he amazing at teaching but also a great person and he made the classes really interesting and fun, couldn't have asked for a better teacher. Thank you Andrew!

    One of the best decisions I have ever made Written 2nd Dec 2015