Hotel Receptionist & Opera V5 4 Week Course or 9 Weekends

Hotel Receptionist & Opera V5 4 Week Course or 9 Weekends

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Hotel Receptionist & Opera PMS V5

This popular course has been designed for individuals looking to begin a career in the Hospitality industry. Our training ensures you have all the essential skills needed to be an exceptional Hotel Receptionist, leading to potential employment in Hotels worldwide.

Our four (4) week course covers standard Hotel procedures, introduction to Opera Property Management System (Opera PMS V5), Brand-standards of 5* Hotels and is followed by hands on practical sessions behind a replica desk, where newly learnt skills are put into practice.

At the Academy it is our goal to ensure you acquire the essential skills under our guidance and set you on the right path for your future. This course is tailored to meet the requirements of individuals with no previous Hotel Receptionist experience. Consequently anyone from any professional background, nationality or age is welcome to join the course.

Upon completion of the course a profile is created on our website for each graduate consisting of their CV, a professional photograph, contact details and their preferences for employment. Our partnered hotels are granted exclusive access to these profiles in order to find suitable applicants for their vacancies.

As a result of close collaboration with our partnered hotels many of our graduates find employment upon completion of the four week course.

Taught by experienced instructors, this unique interactive 80 hour training, gives you an insight into the real working environment of Hotels.

Course Material covered:

UK 5* Hotel procedures and brand standards:

  • Customer service procedures; Welcoming guests upon arrival and using correct terminology
  • Checking guests in and out and all other booking/reservation procedures

Opera PMS Version 5 reservation system:

  • Checking –In and Checking-Out guests using the software
  • Introduction to Hotel Accounts used in Front of House
  • This market leading hotel reservation software is utilised by many UK and International Hotels

Sales & guest interaction:

  • Role play sessions using our replica Hotel Reception desk in our classrooms
  • Becoming familiar with hotel terminology (specific language used in the UK)
  • Learning to up-sell a room to a guest
  • Guest complaint handling

Employment Assistance:

  • CV writing skills; guidance on creating the correct CV for Hotels
  • Interview techniques; guidance on how to perform in an interview
  • Career path planning for a clear understanding of your future in the hospitality industry


Weekday Course:

  • £799 – This rate may be paid in three instalments of £266.33
  • £749 – This rate is the discounted rate which must be paid in full at the point of booking

Weekend Course:

  • £899 - This rate may be paid in three instalments of £299.66
  • £850 - This rate is the discounted rate which must be paid in full at the point of booking

Included in the price:

  • Reception Academy stationary to utilise during the course.
  • Access to our classrooms during the course, subject to availability
  • Certification of completion
  • Graduation ceremony in a 4/5 star London Hotel
  • Professional profiles on the Reception Academy website which is accessible to over 500 partnered hotels
  • An e-copy of your customised Reception Academy CV
  • An e-copy of your profile photo, in jpeg format

Course times available:

Weekday Course:

  • Monday – Friday 07:30 – 11:30 or 12:00 – 16:00 or 16:30 – 20:30 – 4 weeks

Weekend Courses:

  • Saturday or Sunday 09:30 – 18:00 – 9 weekends (Cost of Weekend course is £850 in full on the day of booking or £899 in three payments of £299.66)


Reception Academy London

Coppergate House
16 Brune Street
London E1 7NJ Nearest Station: Liverpool Street Station


  • Agnese Panetto

    I really recommend Reception Academy to everyone who is interested in taking care of guests and to join the amazing world of Hospitality. For me it was a very useful experience, I have learned many important information but not only from this point of view...It was very important also as a personal growth. Nathalie was very patient, kind and very human with me, was not only a teacher but she supported me, she helps me to persist and to have self confidence..Thank you very much. I will miss you but I hope we keep in touch.

    Reception Academy December Graduate: "I really recommend Reception Academy to everyone who is interested in taking care of guests and to join the amazing world of Hospitality." Written 18th Dec 2014
  • Michal Duran

    I would like to recommend Reception Academy to everyone who wants to take a first and very important step to the amazing world of hospitality. It is wonderful experience. You will gain confidence, self-respect and you will learn a lot. A Lot! Thank you Nathalie and thank you Reception Academy. I will miss you every day..

    Reception Academy December Graduate: "You will gain confidence, self-respect and you will learn a lot." Written 18th Dec 2014
  • Giulia Capra

    Nathalie, THANK YOU so much for teaching us so many things!!! YOU RE THE BEST

    Reception Academy December Graduate: "You're the best!" Written 18th Dec 2014
  • Roberta Gaudo

    I suggest every one to join Reception Academy, it is an unforgettable experience, you will know people, you will learn a lot of things and you will feel to be ready for a 5*hotel.. And the teacher (Nathalie) is just amazing,she is so prepared, and kind, perfect! I am so proud to have choose this academy!!! Thank you !!

    Reception Academy December Graduate: "It is an unforgettable experience." Written 18th Dec 2014
  • Lucia Russo

    Sadly my experience at RA has just finished, but I could not be more happier of the choice that I made one month ago! I must thank all the peole who work for RA, but above all my great trainer, Nathalie. She has been more than just a teacher, putting herself, her passion and enthusiasm in every single lesson, making them even more interesting!! Thank you very much, Nathalie. I am looking forward to starting my career.

    Reception Academy December Graduate: "I could not be happier." Written 18th Dec 2014
  • Nicolo Atzori

    Hello everybody!!! I would like to thank my trainer: Ramin Semsar. I really appreciate his patience and kindness! He's so professional and I like the funny way he explains some topics!!! All the Best!!!

    Reception Academy December Graduate: "I would like to thank my trainer Ramin Semsar. I really appreciate his patience and kindness!" Written 12th Dec 2014
  • Monica Pinto

    I want to thank you Reception Academy and my trainer Pierre. I have really enjoyed the four weeks course and it has been really useful. After only 4 days after the graduation I have found a job in a five stars in Knightsbridge. Definitely a very good investment. Monica

    Reception Academy November Graduate: "Definitely a very good investment." Written 9th Dec 2014
  • Graziana Finocchiaro

    Good Afternoon everyone! I would like to share my experience with the brilliant Reception Academy Team that allowed to me to learn a lot about Opera PMS and the hospitality industry and to advice everyone new to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. After just one week from the graduation ceremony, I got the job as receptionist! I am really happy because I quite love the team I work with now and the company Park Plaza as well! I would like to thank you all the Reception Academy Team for giving me this opportunity to grow in this industry but a particular thanks goes to Ramin Semsar, a professor, a friend, a professional person who makes every day of the course a special day to learn, to enjoy the lesson and keep our the enthusiasm and our smiles up Keep in touch! Thank you once again! Graziana

    Reception Academy November Graduate: "After just one week from the graduation ceremony, I got a job as a receptionist! " Written 8th Dec 2014
  • Anett Vecseri

    If somebody wants to change his life with Reception Academy they can. Everybody is friendly and nice people from the school. In the ceremony day I got my first interview and it was successful. Just few days and I can enjoy my new job! I get what I wanted thanks for the school and for my professor, thank you Ramin!!:)))))

    Reception Academy November Graduate: "In the ceremony day I got my first interview and it was successful" Written 5th Dec 2014
  • Alina Florina Ioan

    First I would like to say that I enjoy the course a lot, especially for my trainer Mr. Ramin Semsar who is the best teacher I ever had!!! He is always positive( it made me wonder how he can be so positive and also I did wonder why I enjoy this course so much? It means a lot for me how your trainer is teaching the class) and he takes his time to teach us everything. Thank you Reception Academy and of course many thanks to Mr. Ramin.

    Reception Academy December Graduate : "I enjoy the course a lot, especially my trainer Mr. Ramin Semsar who is the best teacher I ever had!!!" Written 5th Dec 2014
  • Fabiana Guagliardo

    I want to say many thanks to Reception Academy for this amazing opportunity! I attended the Hotel Receptionist course for 4 weeks and I learnt all the essential skills needed to be an exceptional Hotel Receptionist. I had fun with my mates and my fantastic trainers Ramin and Pierre . Finally I am happy to say that I got the job within 2 weeks in a 4* Hotel!!! I suggest Reception Academy to everyone who wants to start a career in hospitality Thanks a lot again!

    Reception Academy November Graduate: "I am happy to say that I got the job within 2 weeks in a 4* Hotel!!" Written 4th Dec 2014
  • Magdalena Czuchra

    Reception Academy is the best place to learn how to be a professional receptionist!! They teach not only the system, but also behaviour and little things that makes you exceptional. After 4 weeks of this course I received a lot of invitations for interview. And I got a job in 4* hotel Kensington Close !! Reception Academy is worth any penny you spend !! Thank you Reception Academy, Nathalie Deline-Mullis, Ramin Semsar and Pierre Runacher!! All of you are amazing, and thank you for help and for bringing my dream come true.

    Reception Academy September Graduate: "After 4 weeks of this course I received a lot of invitations for interview." Written 4th Dec 2014
  • Jo-an Ferrer

    Thank you Reception Academy, especially to my instructor pierre, they say time flies when your having fun, 1 month was just like that I learned so many things but at the same time enjoying the course, there was never a dull moment with our instructor.. Reception Academy prepared us how to be effecient and good receptionist, in a month we learned practical and theoritical lesson... To make everything short, the academy opened all doors for us students who want to work in hospitality field... salute to all the instructors and management people of The Reception Academy.. Joan

    Reception Academy November Graduate: "The Academy opened all doors for us students who want to work in hospitality field" Written 3rd Dec 2014
  • Hajira Nasir

    It was a great experience and help to go in Hospitality field. It was a passion to work for hospitality field and Reception Academy help me to fulfil it. Huge Thanks for Piere and Ramin. Now I am a part of Hospitality field and so grateful to you.

    Reception Academy October Graduate: "It was a great experience" Written 2nd Dec 2014
  • Mihaela Bianca Almajeanu

    Best school ever, I recommend it to everyone. I learned many things, I understood from A-Z thanks to our teachers Ramin and Pierre I got more confidence, I discovered things I never was thinking about, I learned how to work in Opera Pms, I know all the standards and procedures so for someone who wanna make a career wanna learn and wanna be correctly informed ... Reception Academy is the answer to all your questions!!!!

    Reception Academy November Graduate: "Best school ever, I recommend it to everyone." Written 20th Nov 2014
  • Bogdan Scripcaru

    Thank you Reception Academy , thank you Ramin ,Pierre and Natalie for everything you guys did for us . Thank you because after 1 month I become a exceptional receptionist and in just 3 weeks after graduation I get a job in a 5 stars hotel Ecclestone square hotel without any application online just because Reception Academy recommended me .Thank you very much. Fantastic experience and investment.

    Reception Academy October Graduate: "Just 3 weeks after graduation I got a job in a 5 star hotel" Written 18th Nov 2014
  • Olesea Petica

    Thank you Ramin and Pierre for this amazing course,I really enjoy every day of it, I am very happy and it is a good opportunity for all those who want to make a career in hospitality! I advise everyone who wants to be an exceptional receptionist to go for this course!

    Reception Academy October Graduate: "I advise everyone who wants to be an exceptional receptionist to go for this course!" Written 17th Nov 2014
  • Martina Fortunato

    Thank you very much to my teacher Ramin for helping us and having so much patience but especially for motivating us!! I love this course every day more. We are learning a lot of new things , it is so interesting!! I think I made a very good investment with this course! It looks so exciting to work in the hospistality industry ... I hope to have this possibility at soon as possible. Amazing course!!I Will recommend it!! Thanks to all the other staff who are always available for us!

    Reception Academy November Graduate: "Amazing course!!I Will recommend it!!" Written 17th Nov 2014
  • Alessia Schillaci

    Thank you everybody for this amazing experience! Thanks to my lovely teachers Ramin and Pierre. I wanted to let you know that Jumeirah The Lowndes Hotel offered me a full time position! I am so excited about it! I really wanna say THANKS to Reception Accademy because once you finish the course you have lot of opportunities!! I couldn't imagine that after so short time I would have found a job... especially in a prestigious 5* Hotel!

    Wanted to share my experience with everybody!

    Reception Academy October Graduate: "Once you finish the course you have lots of opportunities!!" Written 31st Oct 2014
  • Francesca Reisoni

    Thank you so much Reception Academy for this fantastic experience. My special thanks goes to Nathalie, she is the best teacher. Three weeks after the graduation day I found a job and now I am working in Hendon Hall Hotel. It was very hard but now I am very happy. This is the best course to become a Professional Hotel Receptionist.

    Reception Academy September Graduate: "Three weeks after the graduation day I found a job." Written 22nd Oct 2014
  • Chiara Marsala

    I'm not a person that write a lot for say something but if is short not mean that is not important but this is wrote with heart. I just want to say thank you very much to this academy, thank you very much to Nathalie (my teacher) because I learn a lot about the job in an reception but most important about the life! I know that she can be very strict but in the life you need this for catch something, she was very patient with me I know so I want said to the school that on this thursday I Will sign my contract with Montcalm at the Brewery One 5 stars hotel..I'm so happy thank you!! and good luck to everyone!!

    Reception Academy September Graduate: "This Thursday I will sign my contract with Montcalm at the Brewery 5* hotel..I'm so happy thank you!!" Written 21st Oct 2014
  • Adriana Monica Costache

    Hello to everybody!I am delighted to announce you that starting from today I am Receptionist in one of the Doyle Collection Hotels-central London.Due to my amazing teachers Daniel,Pierre and Ramin I have a Certificate of Completion of Professional Hotel Receptionist.Many special thanks for the entire team of Reception Academy.Thank you again Daniel for your professionalism and dedication. I would like to highlight for those who want to make a career in hospitality industry,do not hesitate to book a course with Reception Academy!DO IT NOW!This is the chance for your future success! I wish you all the best!!!

    Reception Academy September Graduate: "Do not hesitate to book a course with Reception Academy!" Written 14th Oct 2014
  • Miguel Quiros Izquierdo

    Good afternoon everyone! It is a pleasure to let you know that I got a position in a really interesting and amazing hotel!!! Park Plaza Westminster Brigde Hotel. Just after a couple of week since I finished the course. I am really happy and i am going to do now what i really always wanted. All of this is possible thank to Reception Academy and their nice and professional trainers , in special to Daniel, Pierre and Ramin thanks to my colleagues because they helped me as well and I got good friends there. Summary , It is a great experiencie and I recommend that course to all these people who loves hospitality industry and want to get a good preparation Thank you once again and i wish the best to everyone! See you soon!

    Reception Academy September Graduate: "I am now doing what I always wanted!" Written 14th Oct 2014
  • Marika Pastore

    Thank you Reception Academy and thank you very much Nathalie! Finally I have my job! Now I can do what I really like to do. All course is amazing and intensive! It's the best place to start if you really like this job. Next this you need just to wait your calling. Yesterday I signed a contract with a 5 stars hotel! I don't need nothing more! Thank you again all of you and Natalie is the best teacher ever! I miss youuuu

    Reception Academy September Graduate: "I signed a contract with a 5* Hotel!" Written 14th Oct 2014
  • Lucia Seccia

    My dream comes true!!!! After a 4 weeks course at Reception Academy I just got a Guest Service Ambassador position at Hyatt Regency London-The Churchill... That is the reason why I invested time and money for this course: I wanted to change my life, to improve it, to love my is just the beginning and I am already happy and excited! I cannot wait to start there now!! I really want to thank all the Staff at Reception Academy and mostly my trainer because she always believed in me..Thank you again Nathalie Deline-Mullis and thank you to Ramin and Pierre! :)

    Reception Academy September Graduate: "This is just the beginning!" Written 7th Oct 2014
  • Laure Tatangelo

    My name is Laure, I am 22, I just completed my course last week. I decided to write a testimonial to ensure people who still have some doubts about investing money and time for this course that is WORTH IT ! I did found a job 3 DAYS after being graduated in one of the best establishment of London, I met my employer on my graduation day (organised by Reception Academy ) , I even received other calls from different hotels for interviews thanks to my online profile . If you don't think that this training could get you a job, trust me you are wrong ! Employers know about the Academy and recruit with them because they realised the training was very complete.
    Everything is organised from the day you start for you to succeed .

    During your training you see Technical (Opera practice) , Behavioural ( 5* Hotels standards) and Practical ( Real life situations) parts. But more importantly, your trainer will give you all the keys to success (complaint handling, interview preparation, forbidden words, body language attitude...... ).

    Thanks to my amazing trainers ( Nathalie and Pierre ), I am starting a all new career and I feel super confident! I would recommend this course to everyone who wants to work in hotel industry.

    Reception Academy September Graduate: "Best investment ever!" Written 29th Sep 2014
  • Hannah Francesca Kitson

    I actually can say hand on heart what a big difference Reception Academy has made in my life! Without these AMAMZING guys that helped me through the four week course, learning a complete different career to what I was in! I never thought I would get a job at the end of it, but thanks to Pierre Runacher and his amazing teaching skills I did get my dream job in a country manor house hotel situated in a place called Ware!!! I owe a lot to you guys!!! Without you this wouldn't of been possible for me to make my dream come true! A big thank you to you all xxxxx Ps I will keep in touch!

    Reception Academy August Graduate: "I did get my dream job in a country manor house hotel. I owe a lot to you guys!!" Written 11th Sep 2014
  • Claudio Ceraldi

    I would like to thank Reception Academy and recommend it to everyone out there, thanks to Reception Academy and the hard work I have found a job as a receptionist in an amazing hotel, Park Plaza County Hall . I would have never thought that a course would have changed my life so much!

    Reception Academy August Graduate: "I would have never thought that a course would change my life so much!" Written 8th Sep 2014
  • Abdellah Bouhrazen

    First of all great thanks to the reception academy team Pierre our teacher, Ali and Jade from the office,great and welcoming team professional lovely and honest people. From the first time I went to the reception Academy to find information,till the end of my course.I really did enjoy my time learning new skills. My advice for the next students to attend any of the courses,please you must know that you have to work hard,this is not a walk in the park especially if you are looking for to be a perfect and professional receptionist…Many thanks Mr Pierre for all your encouragement, you always got a logical and honest answer. You really did inspire me and helped me a lot during my course. All the best to you all Abdellah

    Reception Academy August Graduate: "You really did inspire me and helped me a lot" Written 7th Sep 2014
  • Hannah Francesca Kitson

    So taking on reception academy for four weeks, was the best thing I've ever done! The course it self is really good fill of important detail you need to become an exceptional receptionist! Graduated last Friday 22nd August, and i was amazed at how many people from different hotels were there to speak to us all about a future job as a too receptionist! My teacher I have to say was the best ever!!! He knew what to teach us and he knew how to have a laugh with us but was serious when he needed to be! So again I thank him so much for,opening many more doors than thought possible from taking this course! I am now ready to take a step forward to my new start in my career and looking forward to he working for a 5* hotel in London! All the best to fellow students also!

    Reception Academy August Graduate: "I am now ready to take a step forward to my new start in my career and looking forward to working for a 5* hotel in London!" Written 3rd Sep 2014
  • Nargiza Fazilova

    My lovely Reception Academy team and especially our amazing trainer Pierre Runacher , thank you very much! I just signed the offered contract from 5 star hotel... while it is just after one week of completion the course...I wish the best of luck to all my friends from the Midday group! I believe in you, guys! You can do it!!! ;)))

    Reception Academy August Graduate: "I just signed the offered contract from 5 star hotel" Written 3rd Sep 2014
  • Alessandra Pusceddu

    Thank you Reception Academy! The course was one of the best experiences in my life! I met beautiful people and the best teacher Pierre Runacher that with his passion and energy gave us the possibility to believe in hospitality career! After just 10 days from the end of the course I've found a job! Let's start a new career! Thank youuuuu!!!!:)))

    Reception Academy August Graduate: "This was the best experience of my life" Written 3rd Sep 2014
  • Nicoleta Raluca Alexie

    Dear Reception Academy, I just wanted to thank you a lot for everything! You guys are really good in what you are doing and you are really helping people to be the best and to find jobs as receptionists! I was impressed by the fact that, after finishing the course, my phone was ringing several times per day in order to arrange an interview with one hotel or another. This is brilliant! Everything that you taught us helped me a lot and it was very rewarding to be offered two jobs at two well known hotels even if I could not accepted them because I have to move on with my career in the field that I am working in the present! Anyway, this made me feel that with your help I was able to get jobs so easily! I would recommend your courses to every person who wants to start a new career in the hospitality field. Go for it!

    Reception Academy July Graduate: "Thanks to Reception Academy, my phone never stopped ringing!" Written 3rd Sep 2014
  • Svetlana Kolesnikova

    I want to say a big, huge thank you to the reception academy!!! Finally I've got a job, a wonderful, perfect job!!! Thank you for you all, incredible people, who helped not only me and other students also to make a big step, which changed our lives, thank you once more.

    Reception Academy August Graduate: "Thank you, incredible people, who helped me to make a big step, which changed our lives" Written 3rd Sep 2014
  • Ludovica D'Alessandro

    I'm so happy...First of all, I have to say a big and fat thanks. Today I had an interview with Pullman Hotel and they called me back after 1 hour to invite me for a trial shift. I don't know if I will get the job but it's still an amazing opportunity for me. I hope to make you proud of me and do everything you told me! Thanks, thanks!

    Reception Academy July Graduate: "Today I had an interview with Pullman Hotel and they called me back after 1 hour to invite me for a trial shift!" Written 6th Aug 2014
  • Sergio Zuffranieri

    ohhh my gawddddd XD!!!!!!!!....I don't even know exactly what to say I don t even know If I'm realising what has just happened...what I surely know right now is just that I'm extremely happy and I'm currently absolutely not able to explain my happiness...but from the deep of my heart I really want to thank you all the people inside the exceptional Reception Academy in a particular way Mr Deena Pillay because helped me to realize a dream!!...The Waldorf Hilton took me on board!!!!!!!!!! XD really thank you once again you all are unbeatable and incomparable!!

    Reception Academy July Graduate: " I really want to thank you all the people inside the exceptional Reception Academy" Written 6th Aug 2014
  • Shadrack Fontenelle

    Hi everyone my name is Shadrack and I have taken the one month receptionist course. I started on the 30.06.2014 and graduated on the 25.07.2014. On the graduation day, I was impressed to see that so many Front of House Manager and Hotel Representative of well-known and reputed hotels such as Hilton, Club Med and Pullman were attending the ceremony. They were invited by the Academy in order for us to have the best chances of finding a job at some of the best hotels in London. (Yes of course they were looking for applicants )!! That one month course demanded a lot of hard work but I came out more than satisfied. Thanks to Pierre Runacher, our teacher and trainer during this course, who prepared us well and build our confidence. I would like to thanks also the Sales & Marketing team who invited some hotels representatives, because of their help and my training I’ve been able to find a receptionist job at Doubletree by Hilton within 2 interviews and just 3 days after the course.

    Once again thanks to Reception Academy and Pierre Runacher who give us all the tools, training and support we needed in other to prepare us for our future work.

    Reception Academy July Graduate: "I’ve been able to find a receptionist job at Doubletree by Hilton just 3 days after the course!" Written 6th Aug 2014
  • Liise Tonts

    Dear All from Reception Academy! I would like to thank you all for this amazing experience. These four weeks gave me so much that you can not even imagine. I feel that I am new person somehow . You are doing great job! I would highly recommend (not executive rooms at the moment ) to join Reception Academy because it can and will change your life. Thank you thousand times!!! Special thanks to our Tricky D!!!!!

    Reception Academy July Graduate: "This four weeks gave me so much that you can not even imagine." Written 6th Aug 2014
  • Mario Moraza

    Hi, just want to say thank you to RA specially to Pierre Runacher, it has been really a wonderful experience, I highly recommend the Hotel Receptionist and Opera V5 Course to everyone who is willing to become a great professional in the hospitality industry, you learn in an exceptional work environment and at the final Graduation, you get in contact with lots of hotel delegates with a great variety of job opportunities...mine was on last Friday and I am already working for Accor and receiving lots of other interesting proposals Thanks to RA team kindest regards

    Reception Academy June Graduate: "you learn in an exceptional work environment" Written 6th Aug 2014
  • Ali Mansoor

    Hello, Everyone,

    First of all I am so sorry for getting back to you bit late. As you can understand it’s been very busy schedule due to interviews and my work commitments. This blessed course does worth not even every single penny but believe me it worth way more than that. I know you all want bright future why wouldn’t you be and obviously when a lot of expenses to pay. You must be thinking whether am I taking a right step to enroll for this Blessed course. Well, I can guarantee you one thing. If you have a real passion for hospitality and you are ready and eager to learn then THANK GOD THE ALMIGHTY you are in right place. Please close your eyes and book the course and then you will realize yes I am going into right direction and I am in safe hands as reception academy blessed with brilliant and such an amazing, superb trainers such as Mr Deena Pillay (Tricky D LOVE YOU MAN ALWAYS, BIG HUG) Pierre, Natalie and obviously very friendly and genuine administrations staff Ali, Jade , Daniel , and Mr Hartmann. They will take you to another amazing hospitality world and will teach you brilliantly so you can be a successful exceptional receptionist, supervisor, and manager of todays big brands and 4-5 properties. If you are thinking about booking this course then you are genuinely thinking about boosting your career and you are being very honest with yourself. ?. My story might be very similar to any one of you. Well I came to U.K back in 2008 to complete my B.A (Hons) Degree in International Hospitality Management. While I was studying I had a couple of part time Jobs and when I was in my final year I had a Job as a sales/support executive. Even though I was able to secure my job but I never stopped thinking of pursuing my career in hospitality. Then I come across reception academy and they were offering some front office courses. I always wanted to start my career in hospitality from the front office department like most of you all wanted to start your career in hospitality industry within this department.

    “To accomplish big things… you must first dream big dreams” “Conrad Hilton”

    Due to some personal reasons I was unable to enroll my course back in 2011. Then I got promoted as a Customer Support Manager within the same company. As mentioned above I never stop thinking of pursuing my career in hospitality. I knew reception academy long time ago then I took my own initiative and booked a course with them on the 28-04-2014. Which was one of my great, wise and right step As the course started my trainer was Mr Deena Pillay. He is a amazing talented friendly and exceptional mentor. Right from the day first we all fell in love with him. Reception academy has been blessed with trainer and person like Deena, which is so great. I have not only met with great trainer, but I have also met with really great people in my class and we all have really great friendship with each other. Reception academies also provide you a great theoretical and practical learning environment. You love every second of it. You start this course and to be very honest with you do not want to finish it . You wish to keep it going going and going. Learn learn and more learn. ;). It’s also down to yourself how keen you are to learn and not only just to learn also putting into practice. It’s all down to you as well even though trainer like Deena will teach you every single thing, as he is very focused and exceptional. He really works hard teaching us so in returns we all should follow him learn from him, as he deserve it. It’s all about us we are the future leader of hospitality industry and we are going to be a future exceptional receptionist, supervisor, manager and hotelier.

    “Worrying has never solved anything yet. Prayer, thought, action – yes. Just worrying, no! “ “Conrad Hilton”

    Now I guarantee you one thing. Some of you will get jobs in very nice 4-5 properties before finishing this course and some of you will get the job and interviews offer on graduation day which is again is the most exciting part of this course where you get to meet with amazing and potential employer. Less than one month you manage to secure your job in very nice 4-5 Hotels. I would also love to share the biggest achievements of my life. After finishing this course on the 23-05-2014 I started receiving interview calls from 4-5 properties. I had an amazing experience during my interviews and learnt a lot. I also had an amazing feedback from the employers. I am deeply delighted, honored and humbled to tell you all that I have been offered a Job from One and Only Hilton. Wooooooo Hooooo. I have not just secured my Job I also believe and sure I have secured my whole career.
    “Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit. Success… seems to be connected with action. Successful men keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” “Conrad Hilton”

    I have no hesitation at all to say that it’s all because of the reception academy has provided us with such a great platform and with blessed knowledgeable trainers and obviously their hard work determination, enthusiasm, leadership and team work paid off. I will also say that you cannot clap with one hand you need a second hand too to make it happen. It’s all about us students our hard work passion to learn and putting into practice will take us to another level.

    “[On dreaming] Imaginative thinking backed by enthusiasm, vitality, expectation, to which all men may aspire. “ “Conrad Hilton”

    So come on guys what are you waiting for pick up the phone or visit reception academy and book the course immediately. Please do not waste your time. Time won’t come back. As you know time is money and you do not want to lose it. May God The Almighty Showers His Kindest And Greatest Blessings Upon Reception Academy And Staff. May our reception academy keep flourishing. I miss you all. :( At the same time I am so honoured pleased to be a part of reception academy and Hilton.

    Exceptional Course Written 24th Jun 2014
  • Czarhea Anne Balgos

    I would just like to say that my experience with Reception Academy was remarkable! I had an amazing trainer, Pierre :) "just saying" .... and I am grateful to have met amazing classmates who I now call, my friends. Reception Academy was a big help in my career, I am now working for a 5* Hotel in Barbican, The Montcalm Hotel London City . Once again, thank you very much!

    Knowledge is power and power leads to success! Written 7th Jun 2014
  • Nick Anthony Mcdonald

    Before I came to the reception academy I was cautious of paying the money I did but im so glad I chose reception academy,because the knowledge you learn in such a little time is remarkable. It is a tough 4 weeks but if you really put in the effort it will be so benifitial to you.The students are fantastic and so are the trainers I would certainly recommend this to everyone!!!

    Great Experience Written 4th Jun 2014
  • Mohammed Grana Rifi

    Very nice course worth the money I paid. After graduation I received dozens calls from potential employers and I could just choose the best offer. Just today signed my contract and soon I will start working as Receptionist. Special thanks for Deena - my teacher - for all your help and advices.

    Reception Academy April Graduate - " I received dozens calls from potential employers and I could just choose the best offer" Written 16th May 2014
  • Simona Ilieva

    I've been meaning to write sooner, but since I got a job on the very next day after I graduated from Reception Academy, I have been pretty busy putting all the knowledge I got during the course into practice :)) A big, warm THANK YOU to Deena and Nathalie!! And the rest of the team of course! I have learned so much in this (too short!) month I've been studying there. I can confidently say that I have changed for the better not only as a professional, but as a person as well. To all those, who are browsing courses and wonder what to do - Reception Academy is THE right place! Thank you once again for everything, Deena and Nathalie!!

    Reception Academy April Graduate - "To all those, who are browsing courses and wonder what to do - Reception Academy is the right place!" Written 16th May 2014
  • Antoniya Chernaeva

    I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the people, who are part of RECEPTION ACADEMY's Family. That course was one of the most exciting, unforgettable and helpful experience I have ever had. A week after my graduation I am pleased to say that I have a job as a receptionist in one if the nicest hotels in London! Once again Thank you, Deena for being the best ever eveeeerrrrr!

    Reception Academy April Graduate - "The course was one of the most exciting, unforgettable and helpful experience I have ever had" Written 16th May 2014
  • Katka Cochrane

    If you'd like to become a hotel receptionist you MUST do this an excellent Receptionist course.It has a very good set up.Thank you very much Reception Academy team for helping me with starting my new career.And Deena Pillay!!!!! are the best trainer and you have a gift to teach others and inspire them.Thank you SO much!!!!Two days after completing this course I have received couple of interviews and felt well prepared.It was a pleasure getting up on Sunday mornings to do this course.Learning and having lots of fun too.All the best.

    Reception Academy April Graduate - "An Excellent Receptionist Course" Written 2nd May 2014
  • Joanna Hamadi

    I have recently graduated Hotel Receptionist& Opera V5 Course in Reception Academy. I wanted to change my career and start to work in a hotel as a receptionist but I was not so sure if the Course is going to help me to find a job in hospitality. Now I just still can not believe how my life has been changed for the last few weeks. I have attended an Open Day for a job in Dorsett 4* Hotel in Shepherds Bush with my professional Reception Academy Cv and I have passed all interviews for a job as a receptionist. Few days later I received a phone call from the hotel with the job offer. And this happened before I even graduate from Reception Academy. The Dorsett Hotel is planning to open in June this year so I am very excited and can not wait to be part of it and use all my skills and knowledge from the course. I have learned so much how to be not only a receptionist but how to be an exceptional receptionist with knowledge of Opera. I think hotels love to hire Reception Academy students because they have already know so much and hotels they do not need to train them much. I would also like to specially thank to my teacher Deena Pillay who is incredible teacher, who has skills to pass the knowledge to other people in a easy way. When attending classes I was having so much fun and I could not wait to be there again. Deena- Thank you so much for teaching me and make me always so happy. Reception Academy- Thank you for changing my life! Joanna

    Thank you so much for teaching me and make me always so happy Written 1st May 2014
  • Chunying Li

    This is a fantastic course! Deena, you are an excellent teacher! Thank you Reception Academy, I successfully finished my first training course in London, like you say ''knowledge is power, power lead to success''. Now I believe my dream job has become closer to me!

    Reception Academy April Graduate - "This is a fantastic course!" Written 1st May 2014
  • Tatiana Frigioi

    Dear Reception Academy Team ( especially to my trainers - Nathalie and Pierre), with respect and consideration, I would like to thank you for opportunity to grow up in this Hospitality Field. Even if I work for few years already in this Industry , finishing this course learn me to be an exceptional Receptionist, to increase my earning potential and to enhance my career. Investing in myself , I received the skills to do my job better and to communicate with customer in a polite and professional way and ensure that the highest standards of hospitality and welcome are demonstrated at all times whilst complying with all relevant procedures. Thank you for making learning fun and check in/out serious :-))) Tatiana

    Reception Academy thank you for opportunity!! Written 30th Apr 2014
  • Barbara Marki

    First time in my life I really enjoyed school all along because it was very interactive, never boring and I don't feel like I only learned here about the skills of an exceptional receptionist..I learned a lot about life and I met really great people :) it was more like an adventure and not like a regular course...:) and the best of all was Deena, amazing teacher (more of a life coach) and very nice and PATIENT personality...:)

    Reception Academy February Graduate - " First time in my life I really enjoyed school " Written 28th Apr 2014